rightness in a sentence

Example sentences for rightness

Instead, he depends on a few stage directions as to their movements, and on the rightness of his chosen words in the dialogue.
Which doesn't diminish the significance or rightness of this action.
He always quarrelled with the world, wrapping himself in the isolation of his own absolute rightness.
The gesture at the forest felt theatrical, but that had a rightness too.
Strangely enough, beauty is also a truth-and-rightness meter, and science and technology could not exist without it.
He would recognize this unified theory, he said, by its beauty or self-evident rightness.
He had few doubts about the rightness of his opinions.
They do not know how to place it, what use to make of its modest rightness.
There is an inherent rightness or wrongness to an action or choice, regardless of the outcome or consequence.

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