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Example sentences for rightly

Students and employers are rightly wary of the quality of online courses.
They see themselves, rightly so, as leading the emerging global civilization.
Everyone knows that candidates cherry-pick their submitted evaluations, and rightly so.
Their publisher would accept nothing less, and rightly so.
Critics rightly worry that the growing tax breaks are problematic on two grounds.
Lifelong learning is the policy du jour, and rightly so.
Colleges rightly argue that endowments are not simply rainy-day funds.
Employment is what brings in the money, and you rightly note that this is not a way to riches let alone being solvent.
However, when artifacts emerge on the scene quite apart from archaeological digs, experts rightly question authenticity.
Project managers are quite rightly concerned about having to take on the additional responsibility for a film crew.
It was regarded, rightly, as a technological triumph.
Most photographers, pro and amateur, are quite rightly terrified to fish around inside their digital cameras.
Attention this past weekend mostly focused on veterans and rightly so.
On the whole it's quite pretty, if one looks at it rightly.
She too, when she shall have filled her term of life, will rightly be yours.
The scientific community and media is not immune from their antics and it is rightly on guard against the trickster.
Till then every parent will be skeptical, and rightly so.
But as rightly pointed out, this has its limitations.
He rightly identified air resistance as the largest impediment and energy cost in high speed transportation.
Decisions are rightly made on the narrowest of grounds to avoid grand sweeping changes that are later reversed.
Furthermore, rightly or not, you inherit some varnish as a contributor here.
The author rightly questions whether such a small amount should warrant concern.
Many, rightly or wrongly, put nearly all math and science concepts into that category.
Markets have since calmed down a little and rightly so, according to this chart, which ranks countries by their debt burdens.
Rightly or wrongly, they have become disillusioned with him.
He rightly feared it would pop and that it might destroy the firm he founded.
The government has rightly sought private investment in power stations.
Lending has become more expensive, and rightly so, to reflect more closely the risks of companies' defaulting.
People have long viewed gold, rightly or wrongly, as a hedge against high inflation and a weak dollar.
Much outrage has focused on the deaths of prisoners who have not yet been sentenced, and rightly so.
Many economists have, by and large rightly, focused more on poverty than inequality.
But they have resisted that temptation so far: their regulator is rightly nervous, partly about the currency risks involved.
Across the globe governments have, rightly, stepped in to counter the economic slump.
Commenters suggested your correspondent was naive, and perhaps rightly so.
The first trip to the moon is known as a technological triumph, and rightly so.
From my editor's perspective, these were models, and rightly so.
But if one chooses form rightly, one is not submitting to the demands of the form but making use of it at every moment.
The authors rightly emphasize that this is an aspect of the story that for far too long has been ignored.
She is now celebrated for her singing abilities, and rightly so.
He rightly believes that a ban would do little to promote fairness or safety among students.
Our laws give enormous authority to parents and rightly so.
In your latest post you rightly came after first-philosophy when it comes to understanding the world, to natural philosophy.
Politicians should rightly be silent on scientific issues, which are best left to scientists.
Most deep sea exploration is robotic, and that's rightly so.
These orangutans are treated as pests and rightly so.
In fact, you could rightly think of the whole thing as a globe.
There is definitely a straying from the scientific going on in this thread, and perhaps rightly so.
The ultimate result, rightly or wrongly, is that you appear to have a weak case.
Technology and the market, the radical and rapid turnover over lifestyles and choices, make people rightly fearful.
But, some will rightly complain if the re-reported biological mechanism or idea is inaccurately represented.
Allan has since been recognized, rightly, as the go-to curer for chefs across the country.
But people were also concerned, and rightly so, about issues of intrinsic safety.
He mentioned no other scientific purpose, and rightly so.
But my solution will make it that much more difficult as you rightly put it.
And, he rightly argued, he never signed any agreement with the university.
Most of the locals are impressed, but some question his motives-rightly, but without any real understanding of what he is doing.
People are worried about the economy, and rightly so.
Those films were conceived as entertainments, and rightly so.
My friends, rightly, threw my earlier admonition back in my face.
He sensed, rightly, that there was some hidden part of his father's life that might explain it.
The public rightly judged them to be genuine heroes, friends of humanity as well as scientific wizards.
He is right about the genealogy of this book, and he rightly identifies some of the historical questions it raises.
He rightly points out that few professors know about the excessive costs of the periodicals they read.
The new era rightly embraces science but wrongly relinquishes the soul.
Barbecue aficionados will insist, rightly, that anything.
Southern hospitality is rightly famous, and he may think it would be rude to condemn a visitor to hellfire.
Employers are rightly concerned about the costs these regulations will impose on their businesses.
Society places enormous trust in physicians, and rightly so.
Fortunately, this license holder did not comply as he rightly thought this was an attempt to defraud him.
Regardless of how offensive it can often get, the courts are rightly reluctant to let political speech be criminalized.
He felt, rightly so, that the prime purpose of ratings were to give parents information about movies.

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