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In the last photo, on the beach in the right hand corner, there is a surfer and his dog.
His left hand mimics a big structure collapsing violently on the back of the right hand.
Maybe the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.
Start twisting the torso to the right, with the right hand on the floor behind you and the left elbow against the left thigh.
Yesterday he ate soup in a restaurant with his right hand.
Work two tablespoons of butter into flour with the tips of fingers of the right hand.
If the palm of your right hand itches, it betokens that you are going to receive money.
Reaching its right hand forth to greet the starry race.
Outside of the frame, to the upper-right hand side, is the sun.
The sprinkle of magic comes in the form of panes on the left and right hand sides of the main browser bar.
It tore the fingers from his right hand and partially severed his right leg from his body.
Grab the pan handle from underneath with the left hand, and with the right hand flip one third of the omelet over the center.
He sometimes carried a bamboo cane in his right hand, which he leaned on as he walked.
He's wearing a suit, right hand in the pocket bulging a gun.
Two wounds to his right hand and wrist show he was stabbed while trying to defend himself with a dagger against an attacker.
Switch to your right hand, and you're pointing south.
Use your right hand when giving or receiving because the left is used for toilet functions.
If you put on your gloves, only your right hand fits into your right-hand glove.
Heading into positive expanding time gives the right hand rule of thumb.
Now put your left hand on one and right hand on the other.
His right hand was even worse, with the wrist completely paralyzed.
Her right hand grasped a joystick as she watched a horizontal series of lights on a display panel.
The impact ripped off his right hand and blew shrapnel from his sword and armor clean through his arm.
There is a rudder in his right hand and a brake under his left foot.
Let m be the value of the first gem on the right hand side.
In his right hand is a short knife with a plastic handle.
She held an imaginary pen in her right hand, and it carved wild elliptical arcs in the air, as if she were shaking a thermometer.
His right hand is in his pocket and in his left he carries the bells.
After the meal, she washed my right hand in a tin basin, rubbing my fingers between her own.
She did so, leaving a permanent scar on his right hand.
As on a violin, the right hand makes a sound and the left hand makes it tremble.
In her right hand an updated report on global warming.
In the top right hand corner of the screen, the version of your current operating system will be displayed.
His left arm and leg never fully recovered, and his right hand-he was right-handed-might thereafter shake uncontrollably.
On account of the shocks she has now a partial paralysis of her right hand's fingers.
Within two hours he was totally free of pain, and to prove it, he extended his right hand and gently shook my hand.
Then he raises his head and lunges, thrusting his right hand above him and catching a rock hold with his fingertips.
But he's a right hand amputee, and has a prosthetic limb.
Hold out your right hand, stick your thumb up and then your fingers curl in the direction of the electrical charge.
Gently apply pressure to cheeks while holding pill in right hand.
Grasp the individual's right hand at the base of the thumb with your right hand.
In addition, photos were taken of her right hand abrasions, and she was instructed to watch for signs of infection in her hand.

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