right wing in a sentence

Example sentences for right wing

He survived red-baiting and all of the attacks from the right wing.
We did a whole thing on political hashtags, and the right wing political hashtags are really big.
Oil and gas production is growing, despite what you hear in the right wing propaganda.
Also they are less likely to pursue unbiased information on the subject and rely instead on simplistic right wing propaganda.
Recycling isn't as easy or magical as you and the right wing think tanks want you to believe.
Hardly the place to attempt to disguise a right wing diatribe as gaming comment.
Also, the affiliations of so many contrarians to dishonest right wing think tanks and big oil simply cannot be dismissed.
Please stay focused on the facts and not the hyperbolic right wing talking points.
These freaks were right wing zealots who he completely disowned.
The airplane's right wing struck a tree and the airplane subsequently impacted the ground.
The airplane sustained substantial damage to the right wing and fuselage.
The right wing was located on the left side of the main wreckage.
The majority of right wing had separated near the root, and was embedded around a tree near the termination of the debris path.
The outboard right wing section and aileron were located near the base of the tower.
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