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Example sentences for rigging

When the primary rigging gear broke loose, it caught the rigger's foot, causing him to lose his balance.
One lone rope was found trailing in the water, not hooked up to any rigging, with the ends frayed.
Yet from high in the rigging on a frozen mast, you can see the enormous swirls form.
If one were to design a system for election rigging, they could not have done better.
The machinations, lawsuits, jerry-rigging would cost the state billons while adding zip to the real economy.
We've solved that problem by rigging a rope on a cable to brush the snow off the roof.
Rigging teaching evaluations and awards to put pressure on recalcitrant professors.
The strength is developed once it has been tied into a rigid box structure with the rigging wires.
No one has found one of their canoes or any rigging, which could reveal how the canoes were sailed.
We began an arduous day's work of hoisting some ten duffels of equipment out and pulling the rigging tackle.
In addition to this, the usual work upon the rigging must be done.
Her jib-boom ran between our fore and main masts, carrying away some of our rigging, and breaking down the rail.
They're also rigging them up with solar panels and large battery packs to keep them powered up through bitterly cold winters.
One or two torchlights were also attached to the bait rigging.
Despite her rigging and displacement, she was smaller than other frigates of her day.
Gulls and pelicans perch on every available inch of rigging, wearing expectant looks.
They carried signs, calling for the election results to be nullified and alleged vote-rigging to be investigated.
Precise details of the protocol and rigging are reviewed.
Then he runs up the rigging of the vessel, as if he meant to fly away through the air.
The awful voice of the storm howls through the rigging.
In the rigging burned the signals of a ship in distress.
She has no masts, no rigging, and hardly any decking.
Tells about rigging a distress flag, and playing all ten disks on the first day.
Instances of vote rigging were as widely reported as instances of legitimate polling.
Voted out of power, the right accuses the left of rigging the election.
In past polls this might have been a sign of rigging but this time apparently not.
It has managed to stay in power by rigging elections.
During the week the main opposition candidates had threatened a boycott, in protest at the rigging of earlier local elections.
For instance, strain gauges calculate the stretch in the wires or ropes in the rigging and sails.
It failed amid charges of price rigging and poor oversight.
Description of rigging hazards that can result in serious injuries or fatalities.
Each load that requires rigging has unique properties that can range from the simple to the complex.
But he added he has instructed the government to check all reports of alleged vote rigging.
The legal structure in this country does not allow vote-rigging.

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Formless stacks of bodies and bodies by themselves, dabs of flesh upon the masts and spars, Cut of cordage, dangle of more
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