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Example sentences for rigged

These troubled borrowers are fodder for a rigged system.
The unusual shower arrangement may have been rigged by local firefighters specially for summer refreshment.
It could also be rigged with a camera to conduct surveillance missions.
To simulate betrayals of trust, the researchers set up games and rigged them.
Supplies can also be rigged to damage the machinery in which they are installed, in transit or beforehand.
Both the bed and daybed a rigged for traction and so that she could work lying down.
Except the jury-with a clever marketing strategy-has been rigged.
They rigged up their own instruments, such as a wooden plank outfitted with a single string and two pickups.
But the jury-rigged look restores some of the glamour lost through familiarity.
Over the years, a parade of lobbyists has rigged the tax code to benefit particular companies and industries.
Her rigged cars are identifiable only by their sunny yellow bumper stickers and windshield decals of birds.
As evolutionary theory evolved, however, the system had to be jury-rigged.
The system carefully rigged to make unauthorized launch as unlikely as possible.
And he developed a sensor-rigged football helmet that has been commercialized to help doctors understand impacts to the head.
Closed opinions precluding further discoveries resembled, to my mind, a rigged auction.
Parts wore out, it had to be jerry-rigged-it was only supposed to be up there for a year, but it wound up staying much longer.
The digital info is then sent to two wall-mounted motors that control a spray paint can rigged to a set of belts.
Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs.
What's the use of a free-market popularity contest if it's rigged and padded, he reasoned.
Up top there's a drab building and a jury-rigged helicopter landing pad.
Flip open a properly rigged laptop and you can instantly be in touch with the rest of the connected world.
He was killed when a bomb-rigged motorcycle exploded near his car as he was about to leave for work.
His mausoleum was rigged with crossbows to ambush intruders.
The first argues that finance is rigged to enrich bankers, rather than their customers, shareholders or the economy at large.
So the temptation to take money is high and the likelihood of a rigged match attracting scrutiny is low.
In his scarce times of emergence, usually attempting to run in rigged elections, he needed all the protection he could get.
Politicians have rigged trade to stimulate domestic production.
Police fired on opposition supporters and others who were protesting against what they claimed were rigged elections.
They'll take them all in court, win due to the rigged judiciary and not pay a cent.
The economy is rigged and lacks the mechanisms to accommodate change.
And they are regularly killed whenever they protest against rigged elections.
It's more likely because they think the whole system is rigged.
Independent observers said the ballot counting was rigged.
Are rigged so the chair can't slip out of a level position.

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