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She was trying to rig a point scheme for tenure where one refereed article would count the same as a book.
The rig's crew was unable to activate the blowout preventer from the rig before it sank.
For casual gamers, this rig should be the system of choice.
The well blew out, the blowout preventer failed, and the drilling rig caught fire and eventually sank.
Each rig will have to file new applications for a permit.
For once it will be almost impossible to rig the poll.
The researchers used a camera sled-a camera-equipped rig towed behind and below a ship-to survey the depths.
Well when you dont cherry pick and rig data from ice core samples, then it does in fact show temperature goes up first.
As they drill down they pump out tons of displaced mud that is hurled of to the side of the rig.
Some combination of boats, floating platforms and helicopters will have to be employed to get rig workers there and back.
They rig the game in other ways, too, enjoying privileged access to land and permits.
When workers on the rig tried to activate the well's blowout preventer, it failed.
Space faring alien robots that transform into a big rig.
But it also creates a feedback loop, where as the wealthy gain more power, they can rig the system more in their favor.
She ha da three-masted sailing rig, but was also fitted out f or rowing.
We take pride in building and tweaking the ultimate gaming rig even when it isn't anywhere close.
Infecting online advertising is quite simple: the bad guys buy ads and rig them with malicious code or links.
Dialing down the anti-aliasing helped, but this won't double as a gaming rig.
But it's the rare rig that combines thrilling design, useful features, and full-throttle performance.
Mix and match forks, tires and bars and she's anything you want: a dirt-jumper, a cross-country rig or even a commuter.
BP had trouble sealing well cracks two months before rig exploded.
Thank you for inviting me to join you this morning to discuss worker health and safety from oil rig to the shoreline.

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