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Ten million years from now the entire rift may be submerged.
The small lake sits in the slightly elongate rift area where the eruption occurred.
The crisis has caused a rift in the hitherto friendly relations between the two countries.
As the two sides of a rift valley diverge, the valley eventually falls below sea level and floods.
High on the agenda: repairing the rift between rich and poor countries over farm subsidies.
But they are big obstacles to healing the continent's historic east-west rift.
The resulting reduction in pressure in the rift allows magma to be forced upward by the weight of the overlying crust and mantle.
Two trends show the increasing rift between companies and the tax authorities.
Nothing much different than what's found at the bottom of our oceans near the rift of continental plates.
But behind the scenes a rift is opening up in her coalition.
And the ethnic and political rumbling along the rift won't likely stop with a mere presidential poll.
But after a few months the rift would inevitably heal and the friendship return to good standing.
No matter what the terminology, however, an enormous rift seems inevitable.
Its crest is a volcanic rift zone, where crustal plates spread apart and molten rock erupts to form new seafloor.
Rift in the ocean floor through which red-hot magma is squeezed up from the mantle.

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