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Rifling refers to spiral grooves that have been formed into the barrel of a firearm.
He was pistol-whipped and knocked to the ground, and the bandits began rifling through his pockets.
Rifling a missile, so no part of its skin gets any long exposure.
The idea of rifling a barrel to make it shoot truer and harder was not new, to be sure.
Inside the barrels of handguns and rifles are spiral impressions called rifling.
The raised portions of the rifling are known as lands and the recessed portions are known as grooves.
Rifling is a process where the gun's bore is cut with spiraling grooves.
The rifling spins the projectile as it is fired, improving accuracy and range.
Without one you can cause harm to the rifling in your barrel while using a cleaning rod and jag tip.
Evidence of firing is shown near the end of the projectile by the rifling pattern in the rotating band.
Repeated firing of the guns eroded the bore, wore out the rifling, and compromised the accuracy of the gun.

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