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First there's the inherently ridiculous contradiction-the recognition of absurdity is often funny.
My step sister used to dry clean her expensive jeans to keep them nicer longer, but freezing them is ridiculous.
In the process of shedding the thick gray down from their heads and necks, they acquire ridiculous hairdos.
To do so, would be to make myself ridiculous, and to offer an insult to your understanding.
They will probably realize that this notion is ridiculous.
It's a ridiculous idea, perhaps, but ask them to go along with it for fun and for the sake of the lesson.
They've been called awkward, grotesque, and absurdly ridiculous.
It's fun to come up with these ridiculous ideas and then actually take them to places.
We will never have a complete record, but saying that there are no transition fossils is a bit ridiculous, if not a blatant lie.
The ominous and foreboding music added to the ridiculous depiction of every day prison life.
Anyone who thinks this is some kind of conspiracy is ridiculous.
He was polite and dealt with the bull until it got too ridiculous.
To make a claim that angry motorists are perhaps the more likely perpetrator of violent crime is ridiculous in this context.
And this dog is huge, so he really looks ridiculous when he runs and jumps into my sister's bathtub whenever the doorbell rings.
Okay, now this is really starting to get unbelievable and ridiculous.
If he does he will make himself offensive and ridiculous.
Of the human form especially, it is so great it must never be made ridiculous.
Unless something is done to stem this flood of poetastry the art of verse will become not merely superfluous, but ridiculous.
Ridiculous as he knew himself about to be in his new rĂ´le, he was less ridiculous than his betters.
He said they that were serious in ridiculous matters would be ridiculous in serious affairs.
Many of the etymologies currently accepted are clearly ridiculous, and many more have a dubious smack.
He felt ridiculous, but it brought a smile to his face.
Which is kind of ridiculous, as this would be an actually useful application.
So as ridiculous as the scooters might look, they do have their uses.
There's even a ridiculous accepted equation for dark energy using constants.
It's a prominent website with lobbyists writing completely ridiculous comments on it.
Calling right now to cancel my subscription after reading your ridiculous opening sentence.
The idea that cities grew as a center of wasteful inefficiency is clearly ridiculous.
The new regulations, without doing something about ag, are ridiculous.
The so-called distinction between sociopathy and psychopathy is ridiculous and based on absolutely nothing of substance.
Absolutely agree that this is nothing but ridiculous fear-mongering.
When is this ridiculous silence about nuclear power and its potential going to end.
Absolutely ridiculous to say that the current climate is optimum.
Stop the ridiculous and vicious imprisoning of poor people who do some drug without a prescription.
Self-esteem may imply an estimate of oneself that is higher than that held by others: a ridiculous self-esteem.
Your attempt to deny that fact by offering ridiculous arguments once again shows how little you understand science.
The administration and students have different goals than the faculty and will often ask for ridiculous things.
Most other countries do not have such a ridiculous and general experiment.
It's ridiculous to declare a topic that has been ongoing for decades dead.
One student in particular comes in again and again with ridiculous questions.
Lame duck president, deeply riven board, ridiculous faculty senate.
Sandra's provost is being ridiculous did she or he specify what he or she meant by first tier.
File this under ridiculous and the far too often litigiousness some people have thinking an opportunity has opened up.
Official veneration of the monarchy has sometimes reached ridiculous proportions.
For several years now the company has struggled to rebut ridiculous rumours about its products.
But, ridiculous though it sounds, his truck is in trouble with the law.
Draconian hair-regimes can be ghastly as well as ridiculous.
Affairs also garner a ridiculous amount of media attention when people should honestly be caring about bigger and better things.
The researchers' first finding was that the volunteers did not think their request utterly ridiculous.
To give up all carbohydrates or all proteins was, he believed, both ridiculous and dangerous.
The notion of shoppers wearing brain-scanning hats would be ridiculous if it were not so alarming.
Predictions of the future always seem ridiculous when the time comes.
In fairness, he might also have mentioned that the quest was not inherently ridiculous.
It is ridiculous how early the primaries are being started.
She thought any comparison of herself with him was ridiculous.
By making his cause look ridiculous, he weakened it.
As you would imagine, people thought that was ridiculous.
Great tragedies occur here, but there is also an ongoing theatre of the sublime and the ridiculous.
The consequences of broader intellectual-property protections have at times been ridiculous.
Of course, the idea of scientifically determining the world's funniest joke is completely ridiculous.
To design a building that resembles a fancifully decorated tabletop but doesn't look ridiculous is no small accomplishment.
Two live-performance works scout the frontier between the sublime and the ridiculous.
In one of the images of them in bed she is not dressed, and he's wearing some of that ridiculous, overly florid royal wear.
When you're through, your sheet of paper may be so full of ridiculous nonsense that you'll be disgusted.
Little has been written about the fact that depression is ridiculous.
But it isn't long before the argument starts to get ridiculous.
Several of them are equipped with bloated, ridiculous phalli.
He pushed the new art's interest in the sublime to extremes that could-and can still-seem ridiculous.
To medicalize every behavior by putting it into psychiatric nomenclature is ridiculous.
When the government and the press create these ridiculous stories, it only serves to reawaken and intensify their grief.
All penetrated everywhere and ridiculous, living in doorways.
The secret of genius is never fearing to appear ridiculous.
Californians had grown tired of the pre-election ridicule of their ridiculous law.
Natural gas can be used as is, it is ridiculous to spend energy to do anything other than compress it.
But there's a dark side to that courting that plausibility, where in trying for realism you end up with the ridiculous instead.
Startup makes ridiculous claims and then gives you the exclusive opportunity to invest in the new revolution.
That's such a ridiculous thing to say, it's not worth commenting upon.
There was week after week of increasingly ridiculous angles to provide an excuse to post that photo again.
Thus it is ridiculous for anyone to attempt to suggest fixes, or improvements, that will positively effect future events.
Soon he takes to wearing a ridiculous hairpiece to disguise the truth that he's balding.
He handled the ridiculous questions, too, with humor and enormous stamina.
Because some of the antics are really ridiculous, you know.
But sometimes an idea is so ridiculous that you have to wonder if it's a joke.
Even if you're a cosmologist and are used to such ridiculous distances and speeds, you have trouble explaining that observation.
They got out their equipment and attached monitor leads and oxygen to him, which was ridiculous.
So that whole part of the article is totally ridiculous.
The idea that economics is a branch of psychology strikes me as ridiculous.
And anyway, comparing revolutionaries on the other side of the globe to people here is somewhat ridiculous.
What a silly, selfish, ridiculous mistake to have made.
She's someone who is not afraid of anything, and she is not afraid of being ridiculous.
They say he had no personal life, but that's ridiculous.
Some people think this kind of talk is ridiculous, others believe these shows influence society.
The whole thing does seem ridiculous--until you meet the plaintiffs.
Also, the revised director attestation indicating that signing directors have reviewed the report is ridiculous.
The idea that everyone needs to own a home is ridiculous.
The idea that everyone needs to own a vacation home as well is even more ridiculous.

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