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The entire crew should be flushed from the public sphere by laughter and ridicule.
The dinosaur's relatively minuscule arms are a near-constant source of ridicule.
No matter how much the great unwashed ridicule the situation.
But far be it for me to ridicule science when it is based on observable facts and replicable evidence.
Ridicule should play no part in the practice of scientific inquiry.
Surely they can't ridicule you for education that is geared to a non-existing job market.
It is a clever article that uses ridicule to avoid an actual debate.
It is a ridiculous supposition, and therefore a bit of ridicule is called for.
They do latch on to any evidence of disagreement or ridicule among the advocates of global warming being a problem.
Oh look, the appeal to ridicule fallacy rears its ugly head, among many other fallacies in this irrational comment.
Your posts are intended to insult and ridicule people.
Modern and postmodern art is often a subject of ridicule.
But the right long ago caught on and its own purchase on the art of self-pleasing ridicule.
The basketball fans cheer enthusiastically, causing the football fans to ridicule them.
When you disagree with a position, try to ridicule it.
Anonymous criticism of scholarly works can too often become ridicule rather that constructive commentary.
Their arguments should be countered with reason, not ridicule.
He called in the police and has so far succeeded in delaying publication, but at the cost of earning heaps of ridicule.
Economists ridicule a comparison of the family budget with the national budget but here a comparison is useful.
In the end the only thing that remains for us to do is to ridicule them into oblivion.
There's no better way to squelch creativity than to ridicule it.
He wants to convince those people, and feels that ridicule is a good way to achieve that.
Ridicule and derision are evolved social tools, and they survive for a reason.
The awarding of honors and the ridicule of naysayers add nothing to the argument.
Scribbler, people don't ridicule you because they disagree with you.
Indeed it may even be strengthened by the ridicule that will no doubt follow.
Both the measurer and the yardstick are liable to be sacrificed on the altar of public ridicule.
In the interest of fair play, let me put out my theory for ridicule.
So perhaps it's in keeping with that tradition that a new, especially competing, theory be treated with such disdain and ridicule.
Always amazing to see how people choose ridicule and belittlement when they are out of argument.
With the populist anti-tax fervor among the nation, now more than ever my job has become one of ridicule and despise.
It was a pledge to engage the audience's dreams without ridicule.
The ensuing ridicule and legal challenges forced the program to be withdrawn.
To teach otherwise is to invite ridicule and resentment.
People who ridicule, or even try to harm, those of us who are overweight.
They later said that had they made a fuss about the shuttle, they might have been singled out for ridicule.
But disturbances of the mind and heart cannot be quieted by logic or quelled by ridicule.
Long the subject of ridicule and persecution, derided as cults, alternative religions are finally being taken seriously.
Thirdly, that they are never set forth as the objects of ridicule, but detestation.
The rage for amorous sonneteering came to excite an almost overwhelming ridicule.
It should not seem strange then to zealous students, if some such people shall ridicule us also.
They chose to ignore him, since they could not ridicule him.
Ridicule is a much more amusing medium for the display of a subject than praise, which is always rather bromidic.
Californians had grown tired of the pre-election ridicule of their ridiculous law.
Reviewers were almost unanimous in their ridicule of the concert and its composer.
When it is encountered, it can be the subject of ridicule, due to misunderstanding and a lack of information.
Various schemes were launched to raise funds, amid widespread ridicule.
In merely noting the change of name, the line does not ridicule or condemn the practice.
In other words, it was both an exercise in self-ridicule and a warning.
He didn't show a whiff of awareness that he was being viewed with some degree of ridicule.
There, the phrase was first employed as a term of ridicule and reproach.
Students also may remain silent during the prayer if they feel that leaving would subject them to ridicule.
Factory farming and its abuses were once the province of an eccentric minority that invited ridicule and scorn.
They don't care if you ridicule them, and their plight.
But to walk into another teams venue and curse, ridicule, an demean the home teams fans is extremely inappropriate.
That's why the holiday lends itself so nicely to ridicule.
One clue to the movie's early power is the unease it has sparked among the presumed objects of its ridicule.

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