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To make the folded-roof model fold the mud flat in half along the center ridge.
There's a ridge at the bottom of the high-res photo that's part of a heavily eroded outer ring.
Also, the moon has a giant raised ridge around its equator, kilometers high.
Army snipers climbed the ridge but came under fire from rebel anti-aircraft guns mounted on pick-up trucks.
But during warm interglacial periods, sea levels rose and the chalk ridge was the only link.
The two promontories are the tip of the nose and the ridge of the brow.
They cut their peat from the high ridge and harvested fish from the sea.
The blinds open to unveil a view of a foothill ridge dusted with snow.
However, ash has been found at mid-ocean ridge vents, suggesting a more explosive component to the eruption.
Flying close to a mountain ridge in a sailplane does not engender the same fears as walking close to the edge of that ridge.
Today's photo is a view from near the top of ridge looking out to the northeast.
Something seems not quite right about the half-dozen guys creeping onto the ridge in the predawn light.
Evidently the flames came over the ridge so quickly that no one knew they were coming.
The book failed to mention the fact that it was a three-hour hike to the bridge, up and over a steep ridge.
The rock appeared to have been shaped into the profile of a face and placed on the ridge.
Stick the prongs into the wall and then twist the plug itself, using the handle-ridge along its back.
But, until now, no one has worked out why moving water produced the ridge-and-slough pattern.
He slipped a long, ribbonlike building along the contours of the ridge, supporting it on cantilevered steel columns.
After some time, a long red stone ridge appeared out of the heat haze.
Condiment holders are designed to be ridge-less so they are easier to clean.
The original site consisted of a divided ridge, with a canyon opening out between it.
It was on the retreating curve of this ridge that the wretched priest was exhausting his efforts.
The same particle does not rise from the valley to the ridge.
Five minutes later, riding down the ridge, their father halted his horse.
Most good days involve a mix of ridge and thermal flying.
He entered a hollow, topped out on a ridge, and then angled back toward the river looking for the cypress.
Chet scrambles up a path into a small cave along the ridge.
It shows an unlovely ridge with a couple of scruffy bushes on it.
It's an ultraslow-spreading ridge, which means it has a low level of volcanic activity and a lot of tectonic activity.
The fire can be seen burning on both sides of the ridge.
The underwater ridge snakes its way between the continents along areas where continental plates are moving apart.
The mountains that so daunted early travelers still roll off to the horizon, ridge after forested ridge.
In mountains this occurs because the wind must rise as it crosses over the ridge.
To crush the ball further, each ridge has to buckle in two.
It has a weird equator-ringing ridge that may have formed when the moon solidified and shrank.
At the top of the ridge, the paleontologist hunkers down beside a cylindrical boulder streaked with crumbling crystalline rock.
Shortly after dawn, he and his crew fan out across a ridge.
They site their operations well away from the interstates, even a ridge or two away from the county roads.
As the plane drops over a ridge, a floating hut appears, anchored in the channel and nestled in a grid of net-covered pens.

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