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In this lesson, students solve a riddle about the appendix and learn about the paradox surrounding this organ.
Neuroscientists and philosophers argue fiercely about how to solve the riddle and whether it is even solvable.
What she had stumbled upon was rare indeed: a riddle in plain sight.
There's an old riddle which involves a frog trying to get across a room, or something.
It does, however, leave another riddle for perplexed parents deciphering the system.
So if someone wanted to know their future, they'd first have to figure out what her riddle meant.
She answers this riddle about our furry friends' strange behavior.
Others also have attempted to put this riddle to bed.
The answer to the age-old riddle is biologically obvious.
Geologists, chemists, astronomers and biologists are as stumped as ever by the riddle of life.
And the kangaroo riddle too is about to be solved, with publication of that animal's genome due in the next few months.
Finding out how the program works and what might become of it has been a continuing riddle during my week of interviews here.
To his awe-commanding experience my puny perplexity would have been no riddle.
But he provided too little evidence to guide our conjectures, offering a riddle without a solution.
It's a perplexing epidemiology riddle as well as a public-health puzzle that affects thousands of lives.
What does that matter when science really can't answer this riddle of sorts.
Please tell me that's a philosophical riddle you'll be exploring in your next movie.
In both these cases the riddle seems to be solved in an entirely different way.
To me they have always been matters of riddle and admiration.
Here lies the real distinction between the witticism and the riddle.
It would be a foolish riddle if the answer were: a towel.
Not enough of the physical structures of the theatres remain to solve this riddle, and the archaeological record is thin.
To answer this evolutionary riddle, let's distance ourselves from our warped human perspective.
But if they ever find out, they may get a little closer to solving the riddle of consciousness.
Science hasn't solved this riddle yet, and he makes clear that he knows that.
Not only that, but another team of astronomers independently added to this finding by solving another riddle about it.
The planet's distance from its star poses a riddle for scientists.
While bone tissue may not answer the riddle of the dinosaurs, the shapes of the bones might.
Evolution is doing the same with the riddle of how the living world took shape.
As part of the scarecrow festival, visitors can collect clues to solve a riddle.
The students must quietly decide among their group which word best fits the riddle.

Famous quotes containing the word riddle

If ye had not plowed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle.... more
There's a quality of legend about freaks. Like a person in a fairy tale who stops you and demands that you answer a more
I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.... more
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