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Example sentences for ricotta

But she was up for dessert-butterscotch pudding with cocoa nibs, ricotta toast, and a blondie.
Thin-crust pizza is topped with roasted yellow tomatoes and organic ricotta.
The restaurant slices it raw, simmers it in lard, and tucks it into a soft sesame bun under a scoop of ricotta.
While they didn't have any sheet pasta left, they did have fresh ricotta ravioli.
Miniature beets with their tops arrive with dollops of fresh ricotta and walnut oil.
DeAnna's also has desserts such as tiramisu, ricotta cheesecake and gelato.
Dishes include ricotta gnocchi with sausage and fennel, spaghetti carbonara and fluke with spinach and shallots.
Menu options include entrees such as ricotta ravioli and pan-seared scallops.
Try their flax seed nachos, kelp samurai teriyaki noodles or zucchini pasta with almond ricotta.
White pies with mozzarella and/or ricotta are also available.
These are available plain or in a rich, red sauce with ricotta cheese.
Leave room for dessert and try the contemporary treats, which include honeycomb parfait and ricotta and honey cheesecake.
The inn serves a full breakfast each morning, featuring its renowned lemon ricotta soufflé, and afternoon tea and snacks.
Light and fluffy from the ricotta, these savory frittatas are healthy and a perfect lunch to pack.
Stash the ricotta in a sealed container in a cooler.
And drizzle honey over creamy ricotta cheese for a practically instant dessert.
We dropped dollops of ricotta cheese on the dough, and scattered the mushroom mixture on top.
Spread about a third of the ricotta over the lasagna.
Low fat cream cheese or ricotta cheese pureed with fat free cream cheese.
Acid whey comes mainly from cottage and ricotta cheeses.
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