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One family lived in each house, often with a coterie of servants and rickshaw pullers.
The day's first arrivals are a barely literate rickshaw driver, an elderly couple and a call-centre worker.
White-hulled, blue-decked, as sleek as a torpedo the nineteen-foot vessel is strapped to a plywood rickshaw.
Yet it's capable of taking sharp, high-pixel density photos even from a bouncy rickshaw.
Well, essentially it is an auto rickshaw or three-wheeler attached to a motorbike.
Within cities and towns you can get around by taxi, mini bus or auto rickshaw.
It also provides a free rickshaw service to famous sites.
Others joined at every cross street, and an occasional bicycle-drawn rickshaw moved past the procession.
Some of the vignettes are memorable, such as one little drama involving white-suited colonials and rickshaw coolies.
It is preferable to hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw.
In addition, bicycle and motorized rickshaw drivers sell heroin openly on the street.

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It's no go the merry-go-round, it's no go the rickshaw All we want is a limousine and a ticket for the peep... more
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