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If rolled tubular shape, tie in bunches with narrow ribbon.
The vapor blows off, and the looser material forms a ribbon or stream that stays more or less along the same orbit as the comet.
Many of the books have a green or yellow ribbon peeking out from their top.
Inside, dangling from a key ring, was a green clay olive stuffed with a pimento-red ribbon.
The president announces that she is appointing a blue-ribbon panel to examine the organization of the university.
Adorn napkins with name cards, herbs, and a ribbon for a dash of holiday color.
It's going to be a lovely ribbon of blue when it blooms next spring.
The innermost end of the ribbon is actually accelerating away from the middle and opposite end of the ribbon.
And the prizes are a tad snazzier than a blue ribbon.
Scientists have recently discovered a ribbon circling the outer edge of our solar system.
Keep in place with ribbon one-half inch wide, and fasten at one corner by tying ribbon in a bow.
The questions and answers about the pay being past, the ribbon is brought and opened.
Rectangular ribbon does not mean that there is no eruption it means that if there is no place to hold there is no place to spread.
Nothing was stirring on the long white ribbon that threaded them.
There are few concrete monsters, but coasts have been ruined by unregulated ribbon development, which puts off tourists.
Egg-yolks were to be beaten until an egg-ribbon, trickled over the pale yellow surface, took five seconds to dissolve.
They also see no votes in cutting the ribbon outside a new public lavatory.
Crashing his palms on the typewriter keys when he couldn't change the ribbon.
It began as a joke, putting home-made salad dressing in an old wine bottle, tying it with a ribbon and giving it to friends.
The white ribbon movement and website was supposedly registered by people who were outraged by the falsified elections.
The ribbon is conducting, but since the magnetosphere and the ribbon are rotating together, little current is produced.
Here the ribbon, which is segmented by lines marking the days, does a weird thing.
The easy answer is to taste a good one-one with crunch to its crust and a glistening white ribbon of sweet pork inside.
The tin, tinsel, and ribbon packaging added an unusual elegance to a holiday table.
When he looked away from the sun, his eyes were drawn to the cool shadow of a deer standing against the yellow ribbon of sunlight.
If there is an award for great content this article should win the blue ribbon.
Announcement was made yesterday of the consolidation of four of the leading ribbon manufacturers of the country.
Then he'll lift a slab of dough and slam it down athletically until it's turned to ribbon-thick strands.
First, she improvises a halter and quadruple-wrapped ribbon belt to hoist up her underskirt.
The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan.
It's edged with pink and white sprinkles and adorned with a pink ribbon on top.
The loop of the ribbon on the outside of the bag is the handle.
Once the bag is bulging with paper, press it into a ball or other shape and tie off the top of the bag with ribbon or string.
Offering the boys gifts of ribbon, he eased their fears and was soon led to the settlement of tepees.
Tie recycled holiday or birthday ribbon around the box and attach one or two crayons to the ribbon as decoration.
From dawn to dusk, its lush gardens offer walkers a long ribbon of green relief from noise and traffic.
When the long, thin ribbon of reddish dirt ends, a cluster of mud homes topped with straw roofs appears.
In another gallery all but a snaking ribbon of picture window has been covered in cow dung.
And let us welcome the yellow ribbon, our new symbol of care and courage.
Watch as this accident sends a ribbon of red hot steel spewing from a machine at a factory.
Their remarks came several hours after a ribbon-cutting ceremony marked the reopening.

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