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Repeat the rhythmic preparation and take a long stretch the other direction.
But all compulsive patients tend to repeat, to isolate their actions from others and to subject them to a rhythmic sequence.
The effect is a stunning first notice, a rhythmic horizontal read and then a deep plunge into the painting's inner structure.
When nerve cells fired, loudspeakers sounded a series of rhythmic pops.
The same rhythmic music is also played during the fight, the beat increasing in intensity during each round.
Brain cells emit electronic signals in a rhythmic, up-and-down pattern.
It seems that dyslexics may have particular difficulty in processing rhythmic patterns in speech.
Our music is rhythmic and loved by people all over the world.
Accompanying all this activity was the rhythmic swooshing of milk flowing through the overhead pipeline.
The chimpanzees' hair will stand on end and then they start this rhythmic swaying from side to side.
Rather the fly tenses and relaxes the muscles in rhythmic cycles that cause the thorax itself to change shape.
Our memory creates an illusion of time as a result of rhythmic processes around us and memory of past events.
Music-perhaps its rhythms-generates a pattern of rhythmic activity in the brain.
During this phase, there are rhythmic bursts of activity in the brain stem.
But in reindeer, rhythms in behavior and melatonin can be seen only if the environment is rhythmic as well.
Rhythmic secretion of melatonin then synchronizes other body functions to the day-night cycles in the environment.
Lyrics are filled with symbolism, and singers sometimes use made-up sounds to help create the stories and rhythmic poetry.
In mbira music, these drums are not used so much as a rhythmic foundation, but as conversation and commentary.
There are also subcategories, such as slow ballads and more rhythmic tunes drawn from dance music.
It's all so rhythmic and strangely soothing to watch.
We kept studying because salsa has several rhythmic patterns you need to synchronize.
It was said in a rhythmic, calm voice, urging us to push beyond the perceived world.
Their music is rhythmic and vital, to be danced to, lived with.
Then, to get star treatment, the caterpillars make a rhythmic noise that resembles the call of the ant queen.
Their tips rapidly swung back and forth but between these rhythmic flexes, they behaved more erratically.
When he gesticulates, his watch and monogrammed cuff links glint in rhythmic display.
The band will worry away at a rhythmic conceit and then open up into a louder version of it, with everyone shouting together.
Brazilians are no exception, and they readily share their spices as well as the rhythmic pulse of their soul-searching music.
Being a musician, this should be easy because you know where the beats are and you are moving to a rhythmic format.
The rhythmic whoosh, whoosh, whoosh of wind turbines echoes through the air.
Sentences become rhythmic patterns, with peaks, valleys and snaky curves.
Given time, the rhythmic breakdowns could have been juiced to propel the song farther.
But when a tune makes space, he knocks out a rhythmic volley with the timing and impact of a perfect one-liner.
But the primitive, offbeat rhythmic drive he added was entirely his own.

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