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Dance is a fundamental form of human expression that likely evolved together with music as a way of generating rhythm.
When a rapper jumps on a beat, he adds his own rhythm.
He made the piano sound clear and pleasing, and he got along with the rhythm section.
Bodies would twirl along with the rhythm of the music.
To create a form is not merely to invent a shape, a rhyme or rhythm.
It is also the realization of the whole appropriate content of this rhyme or rhythm.
And, in both, the inner rhythm of thought is accompanied and borne out by new and exquisite rhythms of musical verse.
He based all his later work upon the idea of poetry as a spoken art and developed it along the line of rhythm.
Reference to length of circadian rhythm also adjusted.
Brain waves are generated naturally when groups of neurons fire in a certain rhythm.
On a moon, eclipses would be part of a second circadian rhythm of sorts.
T here is a good-news-bad-news rhythm to the introduction of any pervasive new technology.
He conveys a real sense of pauses, repeats, and an underlying rhythm.
It is completely out of sync with the rhythm of the world today.
Rhythm as you said, is more the universal since faster rhythms promote excitement on many levels.
And those wavelengths of light play a key role in regulating our circadian rhythm and sleep schedule.
But in many species, constant intense light disrupts the rhythm.
And so far, they're the only known animals to display such rhythm.
Pneumonia in his right lung can be seen as clearly as the pacemaker implanted to regulate the rhythm of his heart.
Every city has a rhythm, a pulse that makes it move.
The boys had been the rhythm of every day, even when he was sleeping.
At the age of eighty-four, he retains an unfaltering command of rhythm and an uncanny sensitivity to orchestral balances.
She had taken her time-she liked the rhythm of her regular chores, the high space under the barn roof, the smells.
The characters can't get any kind of rhythm going, but the actors hold the bumpy conversations in tension.
The hormone melatonin regulates the circadian rhythm--the sleep cycle.
That's quite interesting, because somehow the opposite is true for rhythm.
But it does still have its own unique rhythm and feel to it.
But his left foot is in constant motion, bouncing in a rapid rhythm, venting his pent-up energy.

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