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Your glib comment that biology does not yield ethical insights is trite: biology doesn't yield rhyming couplets either.
Then add to the fun by making up funny or silly sentences using as many of the rhyming words as possible.
Use the picture glossary to clap out syllables, play rhyming games, and reinforce letter-sound correspondences.
There is no need here for involved rhyming and qualifying clauses--that is the function of the music.
In keeping with their subject matter, cowboy poets tend to write in a traditional, rhyming style.
And, as a rhyming novella, there's really no question who wrote it.
Struggling poets turn to a free online rhyming dictionary.
Those who did best wound up with bigger vocabularies and better pre-reading skills, such as rhyming, by their fifth birthdays.
They don't get the smoothness, the optimism, the careful rhyming.
The idea is to answer questions in two rhyming words.
Things might have moved faster if they had noticed they had cute little rhyming names.
Make cooing, babbling sounds in the crib, which gives way to enjoying rhyming and nonsense word games with a parent or caregiver.
Introduce activity to allow students to recognize and produce rhyming words both isolated and within print materials.
The earliest and easiest tasks involve rhyming, identifying words that rhyme, and thinking of rhyming words.
Tell them that poets sometimes write the stanzas of their poems in a rhyming pattern.
It is therefore the ability to recognize and create rhyming words.
Working with a partner, students listen to rhythm and rhymes read by the teacher and write the rhyming words on paper.
Read books with rhyming words and lines that repeat.
Given print materials and verbal direction, students recognize and produce rhyming words.
Discuss rhyming, alliteration and onomatopoeia to encourage interesting names for bars.
Try to make the whole poem be four lines long with the first and second lines rhyming and then the third and fourth lines rhyming.

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