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Once a college student spoke his anxiety about whether to write his poetry in rhyme or not.
Most listeners will not know about the theory of rhyme schemes or the structure of refrains in poetry.
Translating verse is additionally difficult because of maintaining rhyme and meter.
Or: rhyme and rhythm help bits of text get remembered.
Often there seems to be no rhyme or reason for a trend, and sometimes time of day and novelty is afoot.
Under the influence of hashish, he felt that names and things belonged together, that a rhyme had revealed a reality.
There is no rhyme or reason to why these event happen.
If history does indeed rhyme, rather than simply repeat itself, it does so with remarkable symmetry in retailing.
There was a clear purpose, rhyme and reason to each line of interrogation.
Prices rise and fall without rhyme or reason, the small size of the market amplifying the changes.
There's no rhyme or reason to this discrimination, but it's one of the major reasons why many people don't have health insurance.
The school can't create a forum, and then only certain people get to speak there, without rhyme or reason.
From the receptionist to the star quarterback, there's rhyme and reason to what they're saying, a hip-hop spring in their steps.
Yes, the directives seemed to come without rhyme or reason.
There are four or five other vignettes in rhyme--all of them small, none of them dazzling.
When they aren't speaking in rhyme, and often when they are, they're making literary allusions.
There's also the fact that there's no rhyme or reason to her approach.
The initial program was a random collection of simple instructions that had the simulated robot moving without rhyme or reason.
To create a form is not merely to invent a shape, a rhyme or rhythm.
The art of turning a rhyme into sly verbal sparring is considered a mark of intelligence and a badge of honor.
Making an illustrated chart to go with the rhyme can enhance reading experiences.

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