rhododendron in a sentence

Example sentences for rhododendron

The trackers are accompanied a tangle of rhododendron.
When you tire of riding, hike park trails leading through dense rhododendron stands.
Look especially for the many types of rhododendron, including azaleas.
The campground is shaded by an oak forest, full of rhododendron and mountain laurels.
Trek through rhododendron and birch forests, alpine meadows and glacial valleys, over streams and alongside lakes and monasteries.
Its outdoor displays include rose and rhododendron gardens, along with a rock garden.
Temperatures fluctuate in the springtime, and frequent rain aids the blooming of rhododendron and azaleas.
Among the highlights is a large, forestlike collection of mature rhododendron shrubs.
Decorating for the holidays no longer simply means tossing a couple of strings of lights around the nearest rhododendron.

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Your cloak hides the sinner, your cloak shields the lover, colour of wine, cyclamen, red rhododendron.... more
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