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Again, declaring that his speech is plain, he disclaimed any rhetorical show of elegance.
Any one of these and several other rhetorical flourishes would have dominated and defined a lesser speech.
The rhetorical magic of the speech-what made it extraordinary-was that it was, at once, both unequivocal and healing.
It was the kind of thing that made you wonder how debates had ever occurred without having that handy rhetorical hammer.
Of course, there's rhetorical danger in lumping so many types of organization under such an inflammatory heading.
However, both positions need each other, as a rhetorical enemy.
My comment was rhetorical to illuminate the scientific difficulty to nail it all down absolutely.
These are not rhetorical questions, even though they are probably unanswerable by you.
Please bear in mind though that they are already using facts to fight people using rhetorical tricks and often losing.
C-Span isn't kind to the rhetorical skill of members of either party.
Inevitably, the conversation has veered toward rhetorical extremes.
Rich never challenges his own side, and the result is a weekly display of rhetorical bravura and cheap shots.
So they reflect the film's bold but reckless synthesis of visual enticement and rhetorical fever.
It has even less to do with his ideological pedigree or legal background or rhetorical skills.
The distinction between investing and spending is often rhetorical, but not always.
But knowing what not to answer is a part of rhetorical effectiveness too.
Last weekend, a politician rousing a crowd at a church picnic on a farm, tossed some rhetorical manure in his oratory.
They used their own writing and images, but they were able to make use of the rhetorical principles they'd learned in the course.
Let's bracket the truth of those contentions and instead examine the rhetorical impact of them.
Certain rhetorical moves go along with those requests-justifications, rationales, and linguistic rituals.
And whatever rhetorical support higher education receives risks being undermined by fiscal reality.
They seem to have more the rhetorical tone than the reality of being substantive.
There are many rhetorical strategies for shaping that vision.
Sometimes even the calmer of us get a little over rhetorical on these things--Ive dont it myself.
Constructive suggestions are rare in a debate that has mixed a lot of rhetorical cant with a big principle.
And he needs to abandon the rhetorical high ground for the nitty-gritty of policy.
He did so with biography and grit, not rhetorical prowess.
Fortunately, for all the rhetorical barbs, there are some signs of progress.
He has a history of rhetorical excess and unpredictability.
The answer to her rhetorical question, it seems, is to try to redefine the school.
National reconciliation still seems more a rhetorical ideal than a government policy.
It is unlikely, for he lacks the rhetorical flair and the zest for intrigue of his father and grandfather.
The right rhetorical and managerial style may allow secretaries-general to overcome, to some degree, the lack of formal authority.
Politicians should prize value for money above political correctness or rhetorical flourish.
Their arguments are presented in the form of dollars and with rhetorical flourishes.
Theory seems to be an arcane language utilized in the service of rhetorical combat.
Some argued that the cultural differences where heightened for rhetorical purposes.
They are rhetorical to show what is wrong with biology and so-called science.
Come back when you are willing to honestly address our points rather than scoring cheap rhetorical points.
But for me, that should be a small component of one's overall rhetorical portfolio.
Your post was great, up until the last paragraph, where you seem to have felt a need to add unnecessary rhetorical flourishes.
In these, sequence is apt to be a rhetorical rather than a strictly grammatical principle.
Yet she had little rhetorical art, and seems blind to the natural beauty about her.
Remember that eyes filmed with tears and an aching heart can not follow rhetorical lengths of writing.
And suppose he does walk on rhetorical stilts, he has precedent and will show it to you.
Their thesis is often insinuated by asking rhetorical questions.
There are simple differences in family rhetorical conventions.
The irresponsible rhetorical grandstanding of decades past did not serve the left well.
Your rhetorical style isn't suited to that kind of conversing at all.
She resists rhetorical flourishes and sweeping philosophical statements.
In the rhetorical trenches of the culture wars, sometimes the best way to ambush your enemies is to echo them.

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