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Rhetoric boils with urgency, but the talks go slowly.
More recently, militant groups have picked up their rhetoric.
Her self portraits are a study in contrasts as well: the rhetoric of the images as she represented herself is fascinating.
He has all the proper sentiments, and his rhetoric and rimes are easy work for him.
The factor of two is well motivated, discarding it at face value as reasoning towards the result is empty rhetoric.
In the world of terrorism studies, the rhetoric of righteousness gives way to equilibrium equations.
As rhetoric and narrative, however, it disappointed.
But it also reflects a desire to show that rhetoric and writing were as essential to his career as acts and orders and elections.
By his rhetoric and by his actions he has unquestionably proven himself to be a combatant.
Simplifying the science only makes it easier for the rhetoric mill to mislead.
All this can be achieved by careful thought and good engineering, not by inflammatory or inaccurate rhetoric.
How telling that your comment echoes the twisted rhetoric of those slanderous efforts.
It is theoretically possible to generate that with the right rhetoric and promotion.
So the question whether it is worth the price is only rhetoric.
But those who fervently believe their own rhetoric about saving humanity may be even more dangerous.
In order to attract attention, their rhetoric is ratcheted up beyond the point where it becomes outrageous and plainly wrong.
In my opinion this level of rhetoric borders on that of extremism.
Its such glaringly obvious rhetoric it boggles the mind smart people buy into it.
It undermines your accommodationist rhetoric more than it supports it.
Phil makes one good point about cherry picking then flies off into rhetoric and nonsense.
Since by that you would give the argument a structure that would render the usual rhetoric tricks useless.
But inflammatory and hyperbolic rhetoric won't help, and is in reality contrary to the cause.
But these days it is the deniers who try to bring this up, knowing that the complexity and confusing helps their rhetoric.
As interesting as the evidence and observations are alone, your rhetoric adds to the already emince excitement.
But don't let facts get in the way of rhetoric, of course.
The strategy is always the same: remain courteous, stick to the facts, and don't let their angry rhetoric get under your skin.
Some of their points within their confused rhetoric are pretty good.
Not that rhetoric was abjured, merely that it was powerfully adapted to a different task and greatly changed in the process.
The point wasn't soaring rhetoric or soothing the nation.
Something about the global-warming debate encourages overheated rhetoric.
It is important to differentiate between traditional law-and-order rhetoric and real criminal-law reform.
The public responds to the rhetoric, rallying behind the call to prevent censorship and protect the free exchange of information.
And even if not, it's too impressive a piece of thought and rhetoric not to revisit every so often.
To the modern ear this sixties rhetoric may sound outdated.
In fact, that is a focus of its rhetoric, which is misleading.
And that, rhetoric aside, is not a value our society can be congratulated for realizing.
The rhetoric of the drug war, however, was proving more popular than the financial reality.
He was a professional writer, after all, with a talent for wit and a penchant for rhetoric.
His past actions speak much louder than his current rhetoric.
To put it simply: fighting reprints is no protection against fascism, or even against poor taste and inflammatory rhetoric.
Political rhetoric in favour of home-ownership has fallen silent.
The call for a global reserve currency will be proven only rhetoric in the end.
Nobody expected lofty rhetoric from this particular vice-president.
But such bravado, especially if it proves more than rhetoric, is likely to be rare.
Despite the anxious rhetoric, the party is not on the brink of collapse.
But the rhetoric has become nastier and more personal of late.
He offers an anti-establishment, populist brand of law-and-order rhetoric.
But even among the world's paragons of corporate virtue, reality and rhetoric diverge.
There is little evidence that any country takes it seriously as anything other than rhetoric.
The biblical rhetoric, as well as the whimsical retreat from it, suggests some uncertainty.
Other aspects of government rhetoric, however, suggest that even the sources of such statements do not quite believe them.
It was the kind of rhetoric peaceful revolutionaries had used through the ages.
In high school he took courses in rhetoric, salesmanship, and weather.
She also seems to have been captivated by her own rhetoric and vision.
His speeches and open letters are time capsules in their rhetoric.
But the main reason for his success surely has to do with the central theme of his rhetoric.
For similar reasons, it would be futile to resurrect the rhetoric of early-twentieth-century social democracy.
We need a leader who can offer results, not rhetoric.
Over the last several weeks the rhetoric about whether newspapers can charge for content online has heated up again.

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