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Example sentences for revolving

The music evokes the song's name, revolving around three circling and falling piano arpeggios.
It's basically a revolving elevator into which the cars are driven and stored.
Plus, another two boast plots revolving around fairy tales.
She quickly steps into the moving wedge of a revolving door.
Their dynamic brains hurled off their words, as the revolving stone hurls off scraps of grit.
Southwestern has suffered from a revolving leadership and nasty battles between administrators, faculty members, and students.
The place was nothing but a revolving door for true professionals.
The lower plane was notched at its rear edge in the center, to allow of the propeller revolving.
Another flaw that urgently needs correcting is the revolving door policy of regulatory agencies.
Our dirtiest secret as a developed economy is still revolving around cheap labor and cheap energy.
His own life was frugal, revolving principally around work.
As long as revolving credit is contracting, you should expect the savings rate trend to be positive.
Call for the topic of the revolving exhibit at the factory museum.
NO achievement of the human intellect is more wonderful than the discovery of planets revolving around many of the stars.
Trees appeared in groups and singly, revolving coolly and blandly, displaying the latest fashions.
Maybe it's the savings rate, or revolving credit, or total bank credit.
Hydrogen is the simplest atom: one electron revolving around one proton.
But the engineering did not stop at labor-saving devices, revolving chairs, or triple-glazed windows.
In his view of the marriage vow, one is out on the revolving rim of the wheel but one is also simultaneously at the hub.
Astronomers had discovered a planet revolving around a binary star-two stars orbiting one another.
Or it can create a mini-revolving door that spews the antibiotic out again as soon as it has entered.
The only things farther out are dwarf satellite galaxies slowly revolving around us.
Anything going around the sun is also revolving around the galactic center.
Closing that revolving door would mean a serious increase in salaries.
He has a revolving door program that continuously brings in other specialists.
Everybody knows this revolving door does not protect the public.
Keep credit cards and other revolving accounts open.

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