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Example sentences for revolting

So the sense of smell is important, but there is no revolting odor.
The stench of the fermented fish is nothing short of revolting.
It is no wonder that the people of these nations are revolting.
As often happens in this season, the revolting smell of yellow flowers went straight to my temples.
Finally, in a compelling and revolting drug-world-style display, the corpse is entirely covered in blood-stained money.
Recycling toilet water into drinking water may sound revolting.
And the smell of the sweltering, overcrowded theater they fought to enter was revolting.
Certain crimes of revolting baseness and cruelty were never forgiven.
We must here draw a veil over that which ensued, as the description of it would be both unnatural and revolting.
But even when a stranger is perfectly groomed, it's usually a bit revolting to be pressed against him in public.
To stop consumers from revolting, he was prepared to phase in those curbs slowly.
It's sad to see so many people dying from this revolting group.
First, it's revolting what lengths businesses will go to to make profits.
The results are at the same time illustrative, informative, and revolting.
Then she would launch into yet more revolting details.
And the popular belief that human cloning cannot be prevented makes the prospect all the more revolting.
Suggest a less revolting and more acceptable motivation or reason for the offense than that which is known or presumed.
And, in certain respects, it is slightly revolting as a romantic foil.

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