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Next day the wolves bring back the novice dead, and the members of the society have to revive him.
Engineers had hoped that the rover would revive when spring returned, but they never heard from it again.
With so many people out of work, bold and creative ideas are needed to revive floundering economies.
Now the ringmaster of light can stop it, extinguish it and revive it-and thereby give quantum information a new look.
The city is doing its part to revive certain locations, but there is a lot of work to be done.
The tradition of baking is one that many families revive at this time of year.
Libraries can help to revive interest in underused books.
His idea was that bringing down the deficit would allow bond yields and interest rates to fall, and help revive the economy.
Restoring blood flow can revive enough neurons to significantly improve recovery.
The aim is to revive the economy, by preventing yields from rising too fast.
My father died twice, the first time intensive care was able to revive him.
The move is supposed to be the first step in a push to revive the moribund arms control process.
There are those on the reservation trying to revive and honor traditional culture that thrived alongside these animals.
Allowing development on the land could raise revenue and help revive the community's economy.
Rescuers tried to revive them as soon as their faces were clear.
Doctors tried unsuccessfully to revive him with naloxone, a drug used to treat opiate overdoses.
It has helped revive ailing campaigns, including the fight against polio.
It's a model he believes will revive the music industry.
Earlier this year it was argued that such export-dependent economies could not revive until customers in the rich world did.
It might even revive a dormant effort to focus the military on antisatellite operations, as well.
There are widespread calls for a stimulus package to revive the economy.
But the piecemeal efforts to revive ancient trades in frankincense, henna and hides do not begin to make up for livestock.
If he is to win it, his government will need to revive a flagging economy and keep some of his election promises.
If its new government floats the peso, however, the block could eventually revive.
Disgruntled shareholders will be sure to watch closely in this attempt to revive the global ambitions of his predecessor.
As the turtle's temperature rises, pathogenic bacteria that have lain dormant in its body also revive.
But while the measures helped revive traditions, they produced no corresponding support for the dictator.
Heavy pesticide use there at the time, coupled with heavy chemicals used here to revive the flowers after the long transport.
Till they revive, or bury them in cool grots, making lamentation.
Purists have sought to revive the sound of wh, especially where confusion might result, as in whet contrasted with wet.
For now you go among my enemies, where all your former prejudices will revive.
Polar bears are protected, and there are efforts by many groups to revive the species.
But later he became obsessed with the idea that blood transfusions could foster longevity, and even revive the dead.
These things can revive the excitement they felt as premeds, when they first decided to go into this field.
The idea is to harness the energy of the city and revive the central plaza as a vibrant civic center.
Sceptics fear that these small, cheap reactors will not be enough to revive the nuclear industry.
So when demand begins to revive, a sharp rise in prices is inevitable.
The latest forecasts suggest that the economy will revive over the next two years.
The country's biggest task is to convince foreign investors that its economy will revive without further infusions of credit.
He proposes to revive, with a modern twist, an extinct technology called the pneumatic pipe.
He will argue that extending the tax cuts is the best way to revive a slowing economy.
Convention centers are supposed to revive cities by bringing in revenue from out-of-town visitors and creating local jobs.
Doctors tried to revive him with a shot of adrenaline, but they could not.
It's a last-ditch effort to revive the goals of the school desegregation movement from a half-century ago.
No matter what happens for the rest of the day, the morning's nosedive will revive talk about a double dip.
Only once you've resolved this problem can the banking system operate effectively and revive the economy.
It tried, and later government antipoverty programs tried even more pointedly, to revive the ghettos as communities.
If anything can revive tired taste buds in space, this dish is it.
Even after nine years a splash of water can revive them.
Often, if some simple idea fails you can revive it by including interactions.
Capote didn't invent true crime, though he did revive and revitalize it.
Esprit is plotting to replant and revive itself on its former home turf with new stores and a long-term investment plan.
Revive compost has been aged and regularly undergoes quality and content testing, performed by independent laboratories.
And yet, in a world inundated with visual information, these works all revive the act of close looking as a source of meaning.

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