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Without government support, carmakers will rely on the revival in economic growth to propel business.
Today, commercialized dance contests and annual festivals celebrate the indigenous art and music revival.
Still, urban planners now tout its revival as the fastest downtown turnaround anywhere in the country.
Gonaives road work inevitably leads to booming commercial business revival.
The economic downturn has seen a revival in the fortunes of the apprenticeship.
The discussion comes amid a revival in electric vehicles.
The revival began with the closure of some of the city's heavy industry.
Fish populations and wetlands are returning-and with them signs of economic revival.
Nonetheless, the medical establishment has shunned advocates of freezing bodies for eventual revival.
The revival of the avian dinosaur hypothesis was not immediately well received.
Argentines and investors alike will be watching for signs of an economic revival.
What's more, it has played an important role in the revival of downtown, which used to empty out in the evening.
The cryonic preservation worked perfectly, but our revival procedure still has a few kinks.
But that's not to say that a well-done, well-marketed series revival can't be lucrative.
But this can be expected to change as people evaluate the advantages of revival towns.
There's nothing wrong with having these revival meetings.
The instrument of its revival was the wave theory of light.
Nevertheless, the two studies that effectively launched the revival of interest in the question opted for this approach.
Even if solid conclusions remain elusive, the modern revival in synesthesia studies encourages synesthetes.
Thus the group appears to us as a revival of the primal horde.
The importance of this is to remind us of the bond which unites the literary with the religious revival of the eighteenth century.
The problem is to keep more of the money generated from the local business revival within the borough.
Whether this attempted revival will work is unclear.
He has already given a warning that urban revival will not come easily or cheaply.
Then came stagflation, taxpayer revolts, fiscal crisis and a triumphant revival of free-market ideas.
Salsa has also helped to fuel a revival of interest in tango.
For those aged blues musicians who benefited from the revival, the experience must have nevertheless been disconcerting.
The revival of the singles market meant a revival of acts catering to it-a revival, that is, of novelty and exuberance.

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