revitalization in a sentence

Example sentences for revitalization

Factional fighting between the government and its opponents remains a drag on economic revitalization.
They need to take a unique approach and the term revitalization is a misnomer for this city.
For the past two years he has spearheaded the revitalization of the magazine and turned the business into a profitable one.
The first points toward the revitalization of marriage.
Urban revitalization does not at first glance relate to the growing national interest in fresh fruits and vegetables.
Nor did he couple his call for tax increases with a program of economic revitalization.
The city's revitalization provides a case study in perceptions.
Find resources on urban revitalization, smart growth, and transportation.
The winners were recognized for demonstrating major achievements in economic and historic revitalization.
We're getting films now about the revitalization of languages.
Undergoing a revitalization, this city is reestablishing itself as a glamorous hot spot.
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