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Editors at his company's journals sometimes contact authors to ask them to revise their work or correct their citations.
It gives us a chance to correct mistakes and revise opinions.
Write down a shot list before a trip and take time every night to add to and revise it.
Explain that reading nonfiction texts can help them add to, and sometimes revise, what they already know.
Telescopes have played a big role in helping us revise our models of how the universe works.
Have students revise and then publish or present their journal entries.
Now that we've read the story, let's revise our main idea and make it more specific.
Landon favors a nonpartisan com- mission of experts to revise the bank- ing laws.
We can't revise what happened, but there are different versions of the story available to us.
And that serves as a check on publishers, who know that if they revise too frequently they could end up losing sales.
Even a small audience and limited feedback will encourage you to revise your work.
All of which is no reason to revise one's critical opinion.
Although such systems allow users to create and revise content, they are not designed for real-time exchange of data.
To take a break, he began trying to revise a short story, but it suddenly seemed hopeless and he decided to call it a night.
Then they revise the revisions, and the revisions of the revisions.
And if you take it seriously, you will probably come back to this statement to revise or add to it.
Authors could opt to post drafts of their articles online, open them up for anyone to comment on, and then revise accordingly.
We urge you to revise all your sections to reflect that.
Then require them to revise and resubmit at the end of the semester.
Sometimes scientists get it wrong and have to revise the conventional wisdom they helped create.
The question then becomes how to help people revise their negative stories.
Once one does so, it is possible to further revise the process is maximize the welfare of the people.
We ve already had to revise our simplest cosmological models.
If the limit on speeds is in error, then revise the theory.
Clearly you need to revise your argument because as it stands, you have proven nothing.
And while he's working on that, he's trying to revise some formulas that will drive the waves in the tank.
But many scientists are coming to think that sensory input may merely revise ongoing internal activity in the brain.
With only one time-saturated universe, physicists will have to revise the way they think about nature's laws.
If you say yes then you need to show how the scientific method of hypothesis, test, revise can generate such propositions.
Over the course of an individual's lifetime, he or she will oftentimes revise viewpoints on both science and spirituality.
The additional energy from this explosion caused them to revise earlier estimates of the impact's strength.
As researchers learn more about how the ear works, they continually revise cochlear implant software.
The bad news is that the company has had to radically revise its earnings projections.
These works revise in some detail the popularizations of ten years ago.
To the tardy reviewer each new notice that comes his way may offer a temptation to revise his estimate, up or down.
Most revise and, as they do so, create more problems than they resolve.
Maybe in the future there will be a major revolution in physics that will revise our whole idea of reality.
Their response has been clear: they have decided to go to law in order to revise the deed.
The reviewing court would be required to write an opinion setting forth the factors which led it to revise a sentence.
Discourse affords some opportunity to challenge the judgments of others and to revise our own.
So it's in the nature of things not to satisfy in every detail when you revise.
The recriminations are likely to grow as rating agencies, slow to act at first, bow to the inevitable and revise their opinions.
Buy-out bosses are under pressure to revise the fee structures that made them rich.
The firm needed to revise five years worth of annual accounts.
Armed with more information, the official number-crunchers may revise growth up.
Until another experiment confirms them all attempts to revise the theory may end up being wasted effort.
And remind them to revise the school name at the top of each letter.
Revise your measurements, and get the team fired up.
Follow a strong recommendation, and revise plans as needed.

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