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He had no desire, however, to dissipate his store of energy in ephemeral reviews.
Before his day, honest reviews of plays were unknown.
The reviews of the first edition in philological periodicals were always friendly, and in many cases exhaustive and valuable.
The vinegar-and-ginger concoction apparently elicited mixed reviews.
In the late seventies the music column featuring album reviews transitioned into using illustration.
Buyers can read reviews that others have written about each seller, which fosters trust, though it is far from foolproof.
One such is its proposal to impose a retrospective ban on upward-only rent reviews on commercial-property leases.
Six years of glowing reviews, public accolades, and unanimous reappointment.
Point and counterpoint is an appealing construct when it comes to movie reviews, sports predictions, and even politics.
New regulations were postponed, and federal audits and program reviews were suspended.
And the weak and hesitant external reviews led the college to question the department's unwavering support for his promotion.
It reviews the research that has been done on how to measure libraries' value.
In my field, a top journal sent back two reviews of my essay.
As budgets are cut, agencies are looking for less expensive ways to conduct reviews.
Read video game reviews and gaming news, find online arcade games, and buy video games.
Find and read consumer product reviews, shop for gadgets, go comparison shopping of electronics.
Since the property is what is advertised on our site, reviews need to be about the physical property.
All of these books garnered tepid reviews and bare-minimum sales.
Both received rapturous reviews and numerous awards.
Read the reviews, then head to the forums to voice your opinion.
The bakery has also received rave reviews in national food publications.
The car has racked up a bunch of awards and favorable reviews.
When the board reviews the manager's performance, they'll focus on the failed restaurants.
The idea of community-generated reviews is, of course, not new.
Environmental reviews provide important support for trade negotiations and trade policies.
Comparative effectiveness reviews are a type of comparative effectiveness research.
The endlessly self-questioning author was now paying people to write nasty reviews of his work.
It was something of a shock to look up old reviews of the movie and see how dismissive the more intellectual critics were.

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