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But when things become psychologically too bewildering or frustrating for him, he may revert to spontaneous play.
And it only follows that humanity will revert to a subsistence agrarian society within the confines of their own homes.
Genetically engineered organisms can revert to wild type, losing the expensively implanted genes.
The primary stream was continuous and the volunteers had to revert back to it every time they finished a secondary triplet.
When you get to your destination, turn in the generator at the local rent-all and revert to home plug-in charging methods.
In an unfamiliar dessert landscape, you are likely to panic or revert to inappropriate habits unless trained otherwise.
The remnants mutate, lapse into feudalism, or revert to prehistoric brutality.
Sylvester has practice squad eligibility and will likely revert there.
Profit margins tend to revert to the mean over the long term, in part because high returns attract new market entrants.
Consumers are unlikely to revert to the more expensive version if they are offered a similar product for less.
Eventually, high streets may revert to a mixture of uses, and survive.
More important, direct democracy must revert to being a safety valve, not the engine.
If prices are above marginal utility, they will eventually revert.
Stop spraying, and things would revert to normal within a couple of days.
Unlike equity prices, bond yields mean revert over time, meaning they rise and fall around their historical average.
They were made by inserting four genes into skin cells, causing the cells to revert back to a blank slate.
Don't hesitate to revert to your readers for help when it is needed.
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