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Then, turn the page and follow a reverse-chronological illustrated time line of science and technology.
But if you have a picture of detailed vegetation, and it looks better backwards, you should reverse it.
Select the best format for your qualifications and experience: reverse chronological, functional, or a combination.
Plenty of emerging-market companies are flourishing without either reverse innovation or frugal production.
Finally, the gravity waves would become attractive and reverse.
If a relatively new practice called reverse trick-or-treating catches on, such scheming could be unnecessary.
Baker notes that the reverse is often true for interiors.
Reverse camber rocker makes it almost impossible slip out or catch a stray edge-even in the frostiest conditions.
When rats pause in running through a maze, they play back their memory of points along their route, but in reverse order.
They have made no effort to reverse this trend by increasing the size of their student populations.
The dollars are not free either, it costs money to be able to reverse it.
Have groups create a list of action steps that people could take to reduce or reverse the problem.
To reverse downward trends, the causes of pollinator decline must be known.
During a recharge, the incoming electrons reverse that process.
Expecting him to reverse a year and a half of decline is probably unrealistic.
And it is full of people who seem to be running almost precisely in the reverse gear.
When the public believes that a government will fail, the same process runs in reverse.
Armed with such logic, a coalition of the hopeful is trying to buck the rude trend, even to reverse it.
Unable to get the current government to reverse the decision, it has appealed to public opinion.
Mitra says the oil spill has created a sort of reverse problem that needs to be studied.
Drink too many of these rich, sweet concoctions and the slide may reverse course.
If professors struggle to understand the students, the reverse is also true.
But the latest economic slowdown threatens to reverse this trend.
No one even knows what technology would have to be developed to reverse the preservation.
Elephant researchers believe they can boost captive-animal reproduction rates and reverse a potential population crash in zoos.
Whether all this is enough to reverse the decline of manufacturing is doubtful.
And yet, each day his brain got better at guiding his hand to work in reverse.
The government has pledged to reverse this slide many times.
What the scientists should have been asking was how they could reverse the problem.
That's because the same light-bending properties that would create an invisibility shield could also be used in reverse.
The seething river of wings and chirps is so impressive you may want to come back the next morning and watch it in reverse.
They first detected the enzyme reverse transcriptase, which meant that a retrovirus was active.
Reverse mortgages are popular with seniors hoping to remain at home.
You're much more likely to sue them than the reverse.
Can also play chess and checkers on the reverse of the folding case.
The reforms reverse the market-driven policies of much of the past two decades.
The leaders were determined to reverse this grim trend.
The central point is to make sure technology is serving you and not the reverse.
Below is a list of organizations that are working to reverse the fate of one the world's largest eagles.
Lengthening of telomeres has not been shown to increase cancers and in fact the reverse is true in normal cells.
The same pattern holds in reverse for tests of spatial reasoning.
He probably would have attributed the decline of the reefs to a cycle that will eventually reverse itself.
And because compaction can occur deep in the ground, it can take decades to reverse.
But their skipper, in all prudence, jammed his engines into reverse and groaned past our stern.
The reverse has more charming cubs in mittens and booties, all printed on a soft, easily washable cotton interlock.
Here, too, the list of positions held by the candidate should be in reverse chronological order.
Naturally, what marketers would really want to do is run this process in reverse.
Finally a pill to reverse the affects of wedding cake.
The reverse of the same coin is that there will still be cold snaps in a warming world.
But experts worry the trend might now go into reverse.
But city-founding has now abruptly gone out of fashion and into reverse.
Should there be a lull in the wind, the dynamos can be used in reverse as electric motors, to keep the generator airborne.
The reverse of the note, however, reveals a surprise.
The question remaining is how to reverse the effects of what has become a self-sustaining culture.
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.
Fanatics are the reverse image of those who despair.
He became a big proponent of reverse psychology, baiting opponents into underestimating your strength.
Increasing domestic supply, although it may help to slow the rising tide of imports, cannot itself reverse the major trend.
And unfortunately, no reference book can settle whether they do, for reverse dictionaries are quite limited in their usefulness.
The out party usually experiences the reverse pattern, getting better candidates in the later off year.
Both companies are hoping to reverse a trend that has plagued them for years.
Cruelty and bullying are the reverse side of this disciplined obedience.
That, of course, is the exact reverse of urban priorities.
If a player wants to return a ball with topspin, he has to reverse the spin of the incoming ball.
In committing, prep football stars pull a reverse.
But a reverse mortgage may not be right for everyone.
On the reverse side is a geographic map, in which the territory the lines cross is the actual landscape of the city.
In fact, the reverse is true: the less people know, the more overconfident in their abilities they tend to be.
The logic of dependency ratios, of course, works equally powerfully in reverse.
Meanwhile, if animals have had to make adjustments to live with people, the reverse is also the case.
If the car backfired, the engine could slip into reverse, forcing the crank backward sharply.
Usually the bridesmaids are all alike in color as well as outline, and the maid of honor exactly the same but in reverse colors.
Yet they were not an ill-natured lot, rather the reverse.
The capacity for neurosis is really only the reverse side of his talents and gifts.
The old notion that the savage is the freest of mankind is the reverse of the truth.
We no longer see salvation and happiness in favorable foreign opinion, or misery in the reverse.
All the other conveyances are drawn up in the reverse order from that in which they arrived.
It is then characteristic of a rightly ordered mind to be pleased at what is good and grieved at the reverse.
Exactly the same relations between heat and work were also found in the reverse process-that is, when work was produced by heat.
The three methods your mind uses to reverse, speed, and even slow the minutes.
Biologists say our champion purebreds could use some reverse engineering.
And yet, as crazy as it sounds, this notion of reverse causality is gaining ground.
The reaction is the reverse of the usual matter- antimatter annihilation: the blaze of energy becomes matter.
The new results, though preliminary, suggest a useful new avenue of research for scientists seeking to reverse memory decay.
Neurologists in those years believed that brain damage was impossible to reverse.
Since every object makes its own gravity well, the depressions overlap, giving space a kind of reverse alpine topology.
In their earlier encounter, the first mouse exerted its dominance by forcing its rival to reverse down the tube.
Humidified air seems to help reverse the swelling of the tissue.
If scientists can pinpoint the epigenetic changes that our experiences impart, it may be possible to reverse those changes.
Two of the decks had more losing cards than winning ones, and the reverse was true for the other two decks.
To reverse the trend, a number of developments are necessary.
We urge you to take action to reverse the corrosive effects of this decision.
The same is true for drugs that block neurotransmitters, except in reverse.
In our time, however, this process has gone into reverse.
The membranes used in reverse osmosis are unsuitable for this process because they work best at high pressures.
By treating these patient-derived neurons with an experimental drug, the researchers could reverse the cellular abnormalities.
Energy is required to desalinate water, and running the process in reverse can generate energy.
But the actual relationship is both nonlinear and asymmetric, meaning that unfolding is not the reverse of folding.
To release energy, expanding air drives the pistons in reverse, which drives a generator.
New studies are testing whether it may even be possible to reverse existing joint damage.
Charge build-up in a solar cell is because of reverse flow of charge.
In fact, it could have begun far from that because reverse gravity would cause the universe to move toward critical density.
Detecting neutrinos is simply this process in reverse.
It's possible to run the fuel cells in reverse, pumping in electricity to generate fuel.
And used in reverse, it can help keep water levels from rising above levees when the river is in flood.
It occurred to us that maybe you could reverse the process.
Ideally, you would be able to take pills that could reverse those limitations in a preventive fashion.
Longevity determination is the reverse--the repair or maintenance of molecules.
If you tried to do everything in reverse way, you should pay poor energy efficiency for the whole system.
The digger merely seemed to exercise his imagination in reverse.
So the profession must also try to put it in reverse.
Lucent hasn't decided what ratio it would use for the reverse split.

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