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Example sentences for revenge

It has a reputation for clannishness and a strict code of honor, which requires that revenge be exacted for a wrong.
Lisa did not speak to me for the rest of the day, and later in the week she got revenge by flinging peas in my hair and face.
She left and hanged herself in one of the huts, not out of sorrow but to revenge herself by haunting her disloyal lover.
And when he became well known and famous, it was time for revenge, served cold.
It's an emotional revenge-oriented tantrum that shares certain characteristics with violent criminal behavior itself.
They could not fight the owners openly, they had to resort to indirect means to get revenge.
To get revenge, they attacked the games' new organizers in the middle of a wrestling match.
His revenge, he supposed, but he hadn't meant it that way.
But these barbs expose him to the charge that he is a sore loser, bent mainly on revenge.
The violence is part of a deadly cycle of cattle raids and revenge attacks between some of the country's ethnic groups.
Revenge killings loom, as well as tribal conflicts and large-scale looting, given the lack of physical security at the moment.
Nowadays they insist they do not thirst for revenge.
The instruction carried a whiff of revenge: this is what you wanted.
The big question is whether the markets will take their revenge.
He lowers himself to the same simplistic, revenge-driven rationale that has been fuelling this conflict for so many years.
No matter what was going to happen, there still would be revenge.
It was clear from his message that the group's primary motivation remained its quest for revenge for the government crackdown.
The series is nine hours of lies and paranoia, revenge and redemption, sweet and sour.
Carrying machine guns and machetes, they torched a thousand houses in revenge, killing more than a dozen people.
But the urge for revenge in itself does not explain why people become suicide bombers.
After all there are other, more conventional, ways of taking revenge without taking one's own life.
The good news for readers is it's no revenge of the nerds.

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