revelatory in a sentence

Example sentences for revelatory

Those are both valuable pieces of information, but hardly revelatory.
Any answer to this question will be highly revelatory.
All contain revelatory performances of works that even now are too little known.
No theory of suicide, no philosophical discourses on the subject are quite so revelatory as these words.
It's so long that no moment is going to be revelatory.
There seems to be no end of revelatory research coming out of neuroscience and psychology.
Emphasis on prayer and ecstatic revelatory experiences.
The problem with science fiction themes and aliens is that they are similar to revelatory religion.
The insights gleaned from this approach do not seem necessarily revelatory.
Our leaders are plagued by enemies and temptations that have turned out to be divinely revelatory.
They've been around forever, and the fact that combining the two can result in mischief and even violence is not revelatory.
Some dreams feel so revelatory-if only returning to sleep would take us back there.
For me, this was a revelatory experience: here was a book character you couldn't figure out right off the bat.
First-time users often report an exhilarating revelatory pang as they realise what the software can do.
Whether it contains much that is genuinely revelatory is another matter.
The fact that the comment threads on blogs tend to be pretty ideological is not exactly revelatory.
Almost by definition, a good memoir is self-revelatory.
As her work continues to deepen, revelatory may become the operative adjective in describing her performances.

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There is only one art, whose sole criterion is the power, the authenticity, the revelatory insight, the cou... more
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