revegetate in a sentence

Example sentences for revegetate

His mission was to revegetate this completely overgrazed land and then to bring it right back to its natural splendor.
Reserved topsoil may be used to revegetate a site if the stockpile has been covered and stabilized.
Revegetate the surface of one the cave footprint with appropriate native plants.
Hikers can quickly produce paths that take years to revegetate.
Revegetate sites with native species unless there is no reasonable expectation if natural regeneration.
For years, scientists have used various methods to try to revegetate western rangelands overrun by invasive weeds.
These areas are either replanted with native vegetation to fit management goals or left to naturally revegetate.
Repair any eroded areas, revegetate, and stabilize as needed.
The tank will be removed and the disturbed area would be left to revegetate.
Once the road cross-section is constructed, revegetate all disturbed areas to reduce the visual size of the road.
The refuge used the cholla to revegetate illegal off-road vehicle tracks on the refuge.
Watch the areas that have been disturbed as they revegetate through the years.
Students must revegetate the beach dune communities before the area is taken over by ice plant, an invasive exotic species.
After effective treatment, the native seed bank should rebound to revegetate the restored areas.
Do not apply herbicide to non-target organisms as you want the other plants to live and revegetate the area.
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