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Example sentences for revealed

Griffin revealed that what they were saying was true.
Visit a mountain city of courtyards, cobblestones, and secrets waiting to be revealed.
The data also revealed earnings differences within groups of similar majors.
These plants are instantly revealed as meat eaters by the traps they grow to catch their prey.
There are some secrets of the pharaohs, however, that can be revealed only by studying their mummies.
Genome sequencing has revealed our common humanity.
And one sip of it revealed that it was out of whack again and too acidic.
University officials counter that the review revealed no improprieties or financial shortfalls.
Most extrasolar planets have been revealed by observing their host star, or sun.
Romantic types might say they seek the perfect soulmate but the revealed truth is more prosaic.
Even today, with all science has revealed about the lives of dinosaurs, they are still our favorite monsters.
The fatal defect of paternalistic happiness research is revealed in your own articles.
Autopsies revealed bleeding in the lungs and intestines.
Examination under a high-powered microscope revealed a trio of narrow grooves cut into the fragile wax.
Studies of the genes and behavior of one group of mimics have in fact revealed a mechanism for the origin of new species.
It is always those whose misdeeds are revealed that scream for the prosecution of whistle blowers.
The repeated cycles of progression and failure of human civilization are slowly being revealed.
Now researchers have revealed a new system to bring some order to this odoriferous business.
The behind-the-scenes story revealed a much-different reality.
And yes, if it's revealed that you wrote his essays, you can meet the same fate for academic dishonesty.
While the label may still apply, pioneering dental detective work has revealed unexpected news about the species' dietary variety.
The request also revealed the screening system includes inspection notes from earlier border inspections.
Previous research had revealed the presence of hydrogen gas floating above the plane of our galaxy.
Later investigation revealed those contents to be vitamins.
Extreme close-up images of human bone have revealed one of the secrets of its strength, researchers report.
Extract from these stories the values and interests revealed about you and the skills and attributes you displayed.
Early lunar probes revealed a surface that was mountainous, rugged, heavily cratered and virtually devoid of maria.
Mechanism by which microbes scrub radioactive contamination revealed.
Additionally, placing these characters in a specific spatial context revealed important details related to their characterization.
Although science has revealed a lot about metabolic processes that influence our weight, the key to success may lie elsewhere.
So far none of the cells sampled have revealed the telltale glow.
As it turned out, light and electron microscopy revealed a curious difference.
But other studies quickly revealed that it did not do the same for people.
He never revealed the encryption code or the program he used to defeat it.
What can be revealed by my hosts is revealed: corn kernels are delivered and milled, dextrose is extracted from starch.
The true-life address of that facility is even revealed.
Many of the features of the old city were brought to light by excavation, yet there is still more to be revealed.
Three days later, microscope examination of the brain slices revealed it to be dotted with the distinctive spindle-shaped cells.
When she turned the corner, she revealed an even more indelible presence walking behind her.
His vision, clearer and more penetrating, transfigures the facts and discloses the beauty only waiting to be thus revealed.
The study revealed truths about student learning that those in academe didn't want the world to know.
However, the magazine has not yet revealed the methodology it will use to make comparisons.
The results often revealed unexpected insights into their thinking processes.
We have only to make a decision about the goodness or badness of the actions revealed in the work.
Character, revealed through action: the two eternal elements of narrative.
The image is the sharpest view yet of the galaxy's skeleton of dense dust, revealed by taking pictures in near-infrared light.
Learn the secrets of longevity as revealed by some of the world's oldest people.
We were excited to see an inexpensive contender in this category, but a little testing revealed it to be merely cheap.
But he revealed few new ideas about how this is to be managed.
The financial crisis revealed that top bankers were fabulously remunerated for doing what turned out to be a lousy job.
As you zoom in on the coastline, more detail is revealed, so that it appears to get longer.
Messenger has already revealed plenty of tantalising information.
Intriguing details were revealed but these raised more questions than they settled.
But the trip revealed a few things about the changing relationships between governments, charities and celebrities.
Beaten up and questioned for four days, she revealed nothing.
By forcing customers to choose between the two, it has revealed the weaknesses of both of its offerings.
The study revealed that the effect takes time to accrue, so aspirin must be taken over a long period.
Those conversations revealed to me the difference between principle and the debt one owes to family.
She quickly revealed herself to be both smart and disciplined.
But the error may have revealed less about media over-reaction than about another, much larger fallacy.
Only her blood sample, which contained the disease's telltale antibodies, revealed that she was sick.
They did not want their names, or the name of the bank they worked for, revealed.
Studies of the bed bug's bizarre biology have revealed potential vulnerabilities.
The accidental discovery revealed that chickens retain the ability to grow teeth, even though birds lost this feature long ago.
But the data revealed something else, something counterintuitive.
It seems that the one truth revealed is that a dialogue is important in scientific research.
Sure enough, the biopsy of her face revealed a basal cell carcinoma.
Then it cleared and a glint of sunlight revealed rows of white teeth.
He and his colleagues have created a theory that has revealed some simple yet powerful ways to accelerate the flow of information.
All these effects were statistically significant, and a questionnaire revealed that the tests didn't affect the volunteers' moods.
They used this data to create a graph that revealed six distinct patterns.
But the company is still in stealth mode, and hasn't revealed what technologies these robots will use.
With the statistics revealed, the final task was to find some way of reproducing them.
Perhaps tellingly, the company has not yet revealed how many customers have subscribed to its service.
She had been complaining of pains in her side, and a scan revealed a blockage in her left kidney.
The new plasma concepts are the only revealed technology.
The study revealed the flaws in the devices for new deep water drilling.
Whatever complexity it has is revealed subtly, intermittently.
By default, it revealed lists of contacts with whom users had been chatting and e-mailing.
Within minutes, however, another lie revealed itself.
She insisted that catastrophic insurance didn't really count and need not be revealed.
Logue is revealed to have no formal training in his field.
She had appeared in a film wearing a daring bikini, which revealed her magnificent body as she rose seductively out of the waves.
Last fall it was revealed that, months earlier, he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

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