retrograde in a sentence

Example sentences for retrograde

It sounds better, however, to posit the show as revisionist rather than retrograde.
However there were a few sessions on the stuff between boards and spine-forgive the retrograde image.
It may be read or left uninterpreted for future science retrograde studies to look at advanced cases of a condition.
Many orbit in retrograde fashion, in a direction opposite to their planets' rotations.
The people who are fighting us are a bunch of retrograde medievalists.
They suffered from retrograde amnesia, a condition as rare in life as it is common in movies.
Perhaps he is unaware that this is a retrograde move.
Thus the odd day shifts back the dominical letter every year in retrograde order.
The lagging end does not do any retrograde stretching which would conflict with other spaceships that may be on your tail.
If retrograde ejaculation is caused by drugs, your doctor may recommend that you stop taking such drug.

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