retrofit in a sentence

Example sentences for retrofit

Especially if every food producer would retrofit their gas tanks to run on restaurant grease.
Our technology can be used to retrofit existing parabolic troughs and solar power towers to increase their efficiency.
The old model for operating rooms was that hospitals would build anew or retrofit old rooms to accommodate new technologies.
One idea is to give direct incentives for homeowners to retrofit their homes to improve energy efficiency.
They can retrofit old plants: plenty have done that, too.
To mitigate climate chaos and avoid economy-wrecking energy shortages, workers must repower, rewire and retrofit whole nations.
Even energy companies agree that attempts to retrofit insulation can only do so much.
The biggest existing plants are supposed to retrofit such equipment.
It is quite possible to design or retrofit plants to survive events of even this magnitude.
People typically don't think of installing solar thermal when they build or retrofit their homes.
In the meantime, looking at creative ways to retrofit existing equipment is a good interim strategy.
Retrofit older buildings and construct new ones that are more energy-efficient.
So lets retrofit our buildings, increase our vehicle fuel efficiency and shut down the dirtiest coal plants.
We are creating standardized energy efficiency retrofit plans for large developments of similar homes.
These grads will become the implementers to retrofit existing cities into greener more efficient ones.
She says it wasn't cost-effective to retrofit the old house on the lot, so they had it deconstructed to salvage its materials.
There is almost zero real need to retrofit volt's already sold.
He and other critics say it will be too costly to retrofit existing coal plants with such technology.
The plan to retrofit taxis to make them wheelchair accessible is expensive and inefficient.
It will retrofit a building with new air filters, to keep infectious germs from spreading.
Retrofit technologies are products that may be added to further reduce emissions from certified engine configurations.
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