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If you're not logged in, private messages stay in your message box until you log in and retrieve them.
The device was developed to help astronauts repair or retrieve orbiting satellites.
The earliest versions were probably twigs used to retrieve food from cooking pots.
Four years later, the emperor sent three alchemists to retrieve the herbs.
It wasn't much, but the doctor let the artist retrieve his work if he could get a better offer.
So they got a search warrant, wanting to retrieve the papers before any could be lost or damaged.
And so he sets out, guitar in hand, to retrieve her.
In short, a great swath of diamonds lies along the coast, and millions of dollars a year pour into the efforts to retrieve them.
Living with electric lights makes it difficult to retrieve the experience of a non-electrified society.
Search-and-rescue dogs are trained by exploiting the instinct to retrieve thrown objects.
The driver turns off the engine and exits the car to retrieve my suitcase from the trunk.
She must have believed he was shooting at ducks and thus wanted to retrieve, as was her training.
Cortisol prepares humans for danger, partly by helping the brain retrieve important memories.
Those who try to retrieve the injured from the street are shot at.
Cortisol also seems to have its benefits: it prepares humans for danger and helps the brain retrieve important memories.
Give a flat amount to everyone and let taxes retrieve it from those that don't need it.
But the observatories still depend on battery power and require remotely operated vehicles to retrieve the data.
The main function was to store this information and make it easy to retrieve.
To retrieve the stored data, the reference beam is shone into the hologram, which refracts the light to replicate the data beam.
At the other end, a recipient then measures the polarization to retrieve the information.
Users can retrieve their data for an additional year, but after that, the data will be deleted.
If the browser itself can store information, it won't have to constantly retrieve what it needs from the website you're using.
At the end of a day of study, the researchers simply dove into the water to retrieve their instruments when the turtles surfaced.
The only way to retrieve a name and address from the computer would be to list an activity for which a peer is sought.
In one task, for instance, the subjects were asked to retrieve a piece of food from inside a tube.
It requires a series of hormonal stimulation injections as well as an invasive procedure to retrieve the eggs.
There is no limit to distance that a brain can retrieve and process these.
Each team has to retrieve a sample from a simulated bacterial mat on the pool's bottom.
Written or printed text requires only the page and working eyeballs to retrieve information.
The researchers later replayed the sounds, forcing the rats to retrieve the memories.
Now you retrieve the memory and store it with new information.
The device hooks up to your home network, allowing any connected computer to store and retrieve data from it.
Or perhaps they inherit a tendency for the brain to store and retrieve memories differently.
The student can then retrieve his or her test results from a secure online database using the bar code.
Unless some alien is copying them, the only way to retrieve them is to have a faster than light spaceship.
In some studies, chimps choose to help their peers retrieve out-of-reach objects rather than doing nothing.
All reservations and forms used to retrieve reservations send information in an encrypted format.
Retrieve the trap by pulling it up out of the water, either by hand or using the pulley on the boat designed for this purpose.
You'll probably want to get a pack of extra arrows so you don't have to constantly retrieve them after only a few shots.
But when the family finally came out of the cave, they never went back to retrieve anything.
The video camera is harmlessly attached to the animals and records a few hours of footage before the scientists retrieve it.
They shape and use sticks to retrieve insects from their nests or dig grubs out of logs.
Players draw cards with informative dino-facts to see which ancient bone they'll retrieve with the special tool.
And in captivity, they can figure out how to position several boxes so they can retrieve a banana hanging from a rope.
Blue jays sometimes store acorns in the ground and may fail to retrieve them, thus aiding the spread of forests.
Learn more about efforts to retrieve missing artifacts.
The animal goes to great lengths to retrieve it and is forced to exercise its abilities.
They retrieve them by meticulously pecking and probing with their short bills.
Teahouse keepers and porters now scurry ever farther down-valley to retrieve timber from the descending tree line.
Trainers begin by scenting towels with narcotics odors and having the dogs retrieve them.
Experts were able to retrieve the artifact before it began to disintegrate.
The rains had already begun, and she was now in a race to retrieve all the treasure before the neighboring river flooded the site.
Then he started down to retrieve his pack and make for camp.
Fay was there, still perched in a tree, having meanwhile swum the lake to retrieve his own pack.
Should anyone try to retrieve them, there's a good chance the shoes would turn to powder if touched.
There are many areas of the brain that help you create and retrieve memories.
He threatened by phone to toss her belongings into the street, and she raced over to retrieve them.
It allows the client to submit a search and retrieve request for matching records from the server.
If a balloon or another toy becomes entangled in an overhead power line, don't attempt to retrieve it.

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