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Without a doubt, this action demanded retaliation and retribution.
He asked me not to reveal his village because he fears retribution.
It's called having a conscience with an innate fear of divine retribution for doing what is wrong.
Many frivolous claims come from patients seeking retribution for a doctor sending delinquent unpaid bills to collections.
He incited a national politics of paranoia and retribution.
Finally, it allows those who were injured in a crime to feel the satisfactions of revenge-the retribution principle.
Even freeloaders reconstruct their cheating as some form retribution.
It is a tragedy when people have to hide their real life for fear of retribution.
Apparently you need fear of retribution to behave in a moral fashion.
Some of us seem to believe that one has to earn tenure in order to have the right to speak freely without retribution.
People used to behave themselves for fear of retribution in the afterlife.
Then comes societal chaos and riots from high unemployment, high food costs, and retribution.
Taxes upon luxuries are finally paid by the consumers of the commodities taxed, without any retribution.
We are struck with pity, rather, at the swift retribution of his sloth.
The right or power to engage in punishment or retribution is precisely what is given up when you enter an ordered civil society.
Yet she too must be caught in this embroilment of evil and retribution.
It's not letting the proponents of fear and retribution to get away with it in the public discourse.
And a junior scientist can criticize the work of a senior scientist without fear of retribution.
It's frustrating to get whacked by anybody who has the power of the pen, because there's no retribution.
And so the cycles of rage and retribution spiral ever higher.
While retribution is justified, this is going too far.
Perhaps they were also cheering the notion of retribution.
Or it may be because politicians, terrified of political retribution, avoided anything that would offend the old.
He believes his term was retribution for his campaigning.
All punishment contains an element of retribution, as well as representing a statement by society.
In my view the political debate plays too much emphasis on retribution and not enough on preventing the crimes in the first place.
He is trying to create structures that would allow investors to join suits anonymously, thus avoiding retribution.
The police usually confiscated or erased their recordings and threatened further retribution if they continued their work.
The problem some have is killing the latter in retribution for taking the former.
Keep in mind that fear of retribution should only be there to prevent suffering and not enhancing it.
Punishments for failure or for daring to seek work elsewhere are met with grim retribution from this unforgiving father figure.
Imprisoning someone who nicks your lawn gnome, on the other hand, is retribution for their violation of your property rights.
Those who resist their exactions face fierce retribution.
He asked that his name not be made public for fear of retribution.
Here, retribution plays a role, but less of one than the simple power of deterrence.
It is sowing the seeds of distrust and hatred and the desire for retribution on the part of our perceived enemies.
The shadow of organized crime retribution, real or imagined, is another oft-mentioned anxiety in police interviews.
Retribution was the primary purpose in about one in five cases.
We need to elect a council that seeks accountability and stops civil retribution.
If any belief warrants change, it is retribution, as this was the primary justification for violence.
In addition, this is an absolutely safe and anonymous way to report crimes without fear of retribution.
Often, residents of long-term care facilities have concerns that they are afraid to voice for fear of retribution.

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