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Example sentences for retrench

Proponents of these measures fear that businesses will retrench as prices fall and their debts rise, creating a vicious circle.
Wal-Mart, though, is looking to expand overseas while the others retrench.
If rates go too high, consumers might retrench abruptly, which would cause a sharp economic slowdown.
The company continued to retrench and disappoint investors.
Demand for credit is lower, as companies and consumers retrench.
Collapsing financial markets and a rapidly deteriorating economy have touched off a race to retrench.
Households will retrench as unemployment rises and those with jobs fear they may lose them.
And, more ominously, meeting these demands is causing the region to retrench in its efforts to diversify.
They sense a historic opportunity as the flag-carriers, which mostly lose money on short-haul traffic, retrench.
In my view it's incompetent for politicians to attempt to retrench and carry out sweeping change at the same time.
Sure, consumers have lost a good part of their wealth, and this is reason enough for them to retrench.
The risk is that the recession will be longer and the recovery weaker than expected as consumers retrench.
Many made him presents: but these he bestowed on the poor, with whatever he could privately retrench from himself.
Rather, there is a chance technological civilization will collapse or retrench at some point in the future.
In holding as it does, the majority wants to retrench and decide cases based on an outmoded procedural pitfall.
Despite the tough economic times, this is not the time to retrench and retreat when it comes to innovation.
Rising unemployment could further dampen that confidence and cause consumers to retrench and cut their spending.
Consequently, tax cuts may have only a small effect in a period of high uncertainty, when households may be seeking to retrench.
Faced with mounting economic difficulties, the party did not retrench from communism as its ideology.
As the same time, cattlemen experienced catastrophic winters and declining prices forcing them to retrench.
Companies also retrench and scuttle long-term projects, causing business fixed investment to slide over seven-straight quarters.
They're doing it because they have losses elsewhere, and they have to retrench.
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