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Geologists had predicted the plunge for weeks, citing the retreat of an underlying glacier that had held the rock in place.
The dollar staged a broad retreat in sluggish year-end trading yesterday.
It's a good idea for the board chair to participate in the retreat.
Contrary to popular opinion, not all cold-loving animals can simply retreat north in the face of global warming.
Transform your garden space into a retreat with the soft sound of water.
Find an amazing beach retreat with this list of the top destinations for environmentally conscious travelers.
They display a fascinating rhythm of advance and retreat.
For slime molds, the best defense against the elements and their enemies is a retreat.
Looking backward is not to retreat into the past but to prepare for the future.
Even today behind almost every camel stable and desert retreat is an aviary of saker falcons.
Some years afterward a warming trend forced it into retreat.
The robot owners retreat to safety, clutching their radio-control units.
When sea ice disappears some polar inhabitants advance, whereas others retreat.
After the crabs mate, the females retreat to burrows.
Create the perfect garden retreat with our step-by-step instructions more.
None of us can afford to retreat into the comfort of silence and apathy.
Those scientists who are not good at communicating tend to retreat into their labs and not attempt to communicate.
Please retreat to your cave and stop trying to infect people with your propaganda.
All in retreat before the advancement of human knowledge.
Nelson did not take any of this as a reason to retreat.
Pretentious ideas about business will be in retreat.
Retreat back to the home continent was not an option.
The last remaining glaciers are making their final retreat.
They then walked southward through an ice-free corridor during a period of glacial retreat.
The dream of outdoor movie watching began to make a hasty retreat.
For both supply side econ and social security privatization, when the math doesn't work, the supporters retreat into philosophy.
Create an enchanting retreat in a corner of your yard with an outdoor chandelier you can make in an hour.
They were tapping into a larger urge within the culture for a retreat from technology.
He even skipped a faculty retreat because he knew she would be there.
We retreat for hours under a scalding sun, crossing in the process a vast, cauterized plain of cracked mud.
Browse the bathrooms that inspire us, and get a variety of ideas to create your own fantasy retreat.
Decorative and functional, a dry-laid flagstone and mulch path leads the way to a patio retreat.
After the first frost, they retreat to their underground burrows and snooze until spring, drawing their sustenance from body fat.
The cycle may be marked by repeated retreat and advance of the ocean.
Warming is also causing glaciers to retreat and the ice caps to fragment and melt.
Glaciers are naturally occurring, but only recently have they begun to retreat.
Many continued to fight their way towards the spacecraft but were forced to retreat as the smoke grew too thick to see through.
Consequently, they will retreat even further from the right information and embrace that which gives them comfort.
It attracts more birds than still water alone, and its soothing sound track transforms your space into a peaceful retreat.
In some places, the cliffs may retreat several feet in a single year.
Most blokes would take one look and retreat to the equipment shed or climb on top of the pickup.
Once the team decides exactly which version to mimic, the scientists retreat to their labs.
The retreat into irrelevance is visible all across the humanities curriculum.
General after general rode up to the commander's headquarters, all with the same tale of discouragement and counsel of retreat.
They retreat when rocks are thrown, but their presence comforts me anyway, because of the chance they might alert us to intruders.
Later he taught them how to peel back in retreat, without a gap in fire, after making first contact with the enemy.
Much of contemporary social anthropology represents a traumatized retreat from the sins of those intellectual fathers.
When sharks are shot point-blank with a pistol, they usually retreat.
These events emboldened leaders in industry and government on a path from which there was no detour, no retreat.
But the successes of the green revolution are in retreat.
Behind the retreat lies a belief that, in fiscally tough times, costs are better controlled from the centre.
The retreat of the polar ice cap is making the region easier to work in, and there is thought to be lots of oil and gas to tap.
The repayment is another milestone in its staged retreat from the banking industry.
Today, the world's glaciers are in retreat, sped up by relatively rapid warming of the globe.
The biblical rhetoric, as well as the whimsical retreat from it, suggests some uncertainty.
The retreat of the giant corporations and conglomerates is creating the opportunity for fresh structures to emerge.
Everything else at this simple eight-room eco-retreat and bunkhouse follows in irrepressible green style.
All in all, a poetic-if not spotless-retreat for the adventurous.
We approached each shore with a mission, cooing with adoration and then cooing in retreat.
Life remained low-key within the weekend retreat for decades: tennis and badminton by day, cookouts on the beach at night.
The real estate market may still be in retreat, but it hasn't completely retired as two new local projects for seniors take shape.
In midmorning, helicopter gunships arrived and fired at the rebels, forcing them to retreat.
Two months before his demise, his menace was already in retreat.

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