retort in a sentence

Example sentences for retort

The skeptics retort that disease is a more likely explanation for the wrist bones.
He lost no opportunity for indulging in the biting wit and faculty for stinging retort for which he is celebrated.
The suggestion that liquor licenses were too high brought the retort that they were not high enough.
The usual retort is naturally not wanting-that she is used to such things.
They worked away with retort and furnace and reagent through five hundred years, but alchemy was still a chaos.
Sceptics retort that the calm of markets is an illusion caused by benign economic conditions and excess liquidity.
The encyclopedia's bosses retort that such concerns are overblown and that taking advertising would dent its appeal to users.
But unions retort that the state already has the authority to impose its will on public workers if need be.
Supporters retort that people with strong religious convictions respect faith, whatever its form.
Pessimists retort that such forecasts are over-spiced.
Wal-Mart's critics retort that all this grossly exaggerates the satisfaction of its rank-and-file workers.
From some of the new arrivals comes the retort that the natives are shiftless and obsessed with past injustices.
Pessimists retort, however, that these condensates exist only at extremely low temperatures.
So what if a few ethnic take-aways go out of business, some may retort.
The church can retort that its concern is with intrinsic right and wrong, not with a mathematical calculus of effects.
Others retort that by adding to aggregate demand, this too might serve to reinforce the cycle rather than counter it.
Dating executives retort that although the industry is not perfect, many of the criticisms levelled at it are unfair.
His supporters retort that, given the wretched hand he was dealt-a deep recession and two wars-he has done a creditable job.
But he often follows up such affectations with a self-mocking retort.
On the rare occasions when the screenplay offers him a good retort, he delivers it smartly.
Nevertheless, if you are defending other reporters with your rationale, the same retort applies.
But she is given the last word, the final retort, and it's damning.
The show began, as so many of the strongest works of art do, as a retort to what had come before it.
The rotational speed of the retort shall be specified in the process schedule.
The retort is a vertical, refractory-lined shaft equipped with shale- and gas-handling devices.
Addition of nitrogen flow through the retort reduces or eliminates yield loss.
Feed coal is pushed through the retort and upwards towards the tuyere blocks.
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