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My father lost his lower leg a year after he retired and planned to enjoy life fully by helping a neighbor cut a tree limb.
The volunteers were military personnel: active, reserve or retired, who volunteered for the tests.
They retired to their horses, and seemed to hold a council of war.
Much of the maintenance is augmented by retired volunteers.
My parents have retired there and soon some family members followed suit.
If borrowers earn a lot, their payments rise accordingly, and their loans are retired quickly.
The driver then was the need to provide support for the workers of the new industrial economy when they retired.
Other supervisors of my preference were semi-retired and were not allowed to take on a graduate student.
We help him year after year and now that we're retired, it's getting harder.
It's true that power plants, cars, and houses all have to be retired eventually and replaced.
Anecdotally, my friend's retired racing greyhound could always find his favorite ball fairly quickly even when he couldn't see it.
They are offered other positions they can do or they are fully retired.
One of my relatives, a retired worker, had an operation last spring.
They often retired without the money to support themselves in anywhere near the fashion they were accustomed to while in office.
Retired, he has time to talk and seems interested in everything.
The traditional loaf was even temporarily retired in favor of the fashionable ring shape.
They've been tweaked as much as they can be and are rightfully being retired.
Finally, the old cultural symbols will have been retired.
When you retired, you turned back into yourself and tried to settle into not thinking about the way others thought.
It would be naïve to pick up the memoir of a recently retired politician expecting total candor.
The guests arrived and after a bridge game, which they played for stakes, they retired.
But it might more accurately be called the revolt of the retired.
Many of the workers who lost their jobs either retired or are still looking for new jobs.
He retired early, so that he could do the same thing the next day.
In it, there is a retired judge who taps his neighbors' phones in order to eavesdrop on their conversations.
The solution: hiring a retired judge to hear the case.
The speaker is a retired furniture dealer, not a preacher or philosopher.
None of the plans appreciably affect people who are already retired or will retire in the near term.
It is that the cohort of retired leaders is burgeoning.
Secondly, a dwindling band of workers will have to support rising social-security payments, as the number of retired people grows.
The party did not win that share of the vote and the shoes were retired.

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