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Those who have received the blessings retire with spiritual satisfaction.
The step is really great if you work at the building and have a rooftop garden to retire to during breaks and lunch.
If one threat is repeated, religion ritualizes it and in doing so maintain the awe while retire the fear of that threat.
But, once the observations show that this claim is false, scientists retire it and replace it with a different falsifiable claim.
Part of the problem is there aren't enough tenure track positions, but this is expected to change as the boomers retire.
He liked to rise late and retire early, to eat good things in a leisurely manner and to drink beer in the saloon.
The night watchman was sixty years old and wanted to retire.
As it was, he felt compelled to retire up the caƱon until he could recover his gravity.
Retire within thyself, and thou will discover how small a stock is there.
Some have deemed it prudent to retire for a time from practice.
If people continue to retire at the same age but live longer, then a larger percentage of their lives will be spent in retirement.
Or more likely, the value of your pension will be reduced and you'll find out about it when you retire.
Maybe it's time to retire the word cyberspace altogether.
The public perception that faculty retire on the job once they get tenure is not going away.
Anyone seeking spiritual progress would be advised to retire to a monastery for a month.
In several countries cuts are being stealthily applied by not replacing civil servants when they retire.
Instead, they are usually allowed to resign or retire with dignity, and usually with money thrown at them.
Many workers would be saving for retirement, despite the fact that few would be able to actually retire.
If the right operator appears, he will quit and retire.
It is now climbing inexorably again as the boomers retire.
When those boomers retire, they will want to do it in style, plastic surgery and all.
The airline said the board wanted him to continue, but he opted to retire.
Let her retire she looks tired and hasn't the stamina for another campaign.
If you lose your job as you're about to retire, inequality matters.
Then, after you retire, you receive annuity payments each month for the rest of your life.
If you retire early, the monthly benefit amounts will be smaller to take into account the longer period you will receive them.
Some people who retire in mid-year have already earned more than their yearly earnings limit.
However, the law guarantees a minimum annuity to employees who retire because of disability.
The first generation of two-income couples is starting to retire.
If you're planning to retire this year, start putting your finances in order now.

Famous quotes containing the word retire

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