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Example sentences for reticent

Being an introvert does not mean being incompetent, shy, or even reticent.
Much of the mystery was of her own making, growing out of her reticent, elusive personality.
He is reticent and shy, and his pared-down approach to the presentation of himself applies also to the presentation of his work.
He's less reticent about discussing his frequent-flier mileage balance, which presumably exceeds that of his peers.
She and her collaborators came up with a clever way to use mobile phones to reach reticent sufferers.
Holt tends, however, to be reticent on the ancient history of joking.
Many toddlers are notoriously choosy about their foods and reticent to try new things.
Under the name of each artist was a brief and extremely reticent biography.
Suddenly his literary friends who had been so willing to help publicize his book grew reticent.
They are sometimes reticent, because they think it is going to be too complicated, too this or too that.
It's a reticent crowd pleaser, a big, well-groomed musical that never seems to be courting a standing ovation.
Friends gave mixed but frequently more positive ratings to more reticent individuals.
Be alert for reticent students' verbal and nonverbal cues, such as perplexed look or partially raised hand.
Is a good facilitator and uses strategies that draw more reticent team members into the discussion.
Yet public policy makers are slow or reticent to create policies that reduce or eliminate smoking in public places.

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