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But this week's discussions have made me rethink my intuition about names on social networks.
We need to rethink not only the function of government, but its form.
If the city is experiencing high and rising prices, there might be barriers to building that you need to rethink.
It's time to rethink-and rebuild-rehabilitation and parole.
We find ourselves at that watershed moment when it is time to rethink the supermarket.
He pushes his limits in order to inspire people to challenge and rethink their own.
Perhaps all religions have to rethink what is freedom.
If so, geoscientists will need to rethink how earthquakes work.
Your last paragraph though really made me rethink things.
So, it's still true that life branches as a tree, but now scientists are really starting to rethink that a bit.
Having all of that drilled into my brain has not, however, convinced me to rethink my religious beliefs.
Please check that out and when you realize the damage uranium mining causes, you may want to rethink your support for it.
To get great content up and taking off, labs and scientists need to rethink how they approach this form of outreach.
Researchers are challenging the auto industry to rethink security.
The company is also trying to rethink content delivery so it's better able to respond to changes in demand.
Such people need to rethink their cynicism because it distorts their thinking.
We have to rethink our tendency to be less rigorous about applying bioinstrumentation to the human body than drugs.
It's an intriguing idea: to rethink economic theory from the ground up, taking into account the workings of the human brain.
Along with rethinking cities, environmentalists will need to rethink biotechnology.
But he must now fundamentally rethink the premises of his presidency.
Hoteliers, used to renting rooms for hurricanes, rethink.
Feds rethink policies that encourage home ownership.
As the planet gets more urbanized, cities need a fundamental rethink.
They open a space for reflection, during which you can rethink your need for service.
They might go to college and learn to rethink some of the things they have been taught over the years.
Along with helping faculty think and rethink our courses, graphical displays provide a number of benefits to students.
His outlook has led him to believe that it's time for his state to rethink the way it approaches higher education.
It's a chance to rethink what a modern engineer needs to know.
The increasing number of university graduates at colleges is causing administrators to rethink how they serve students.
And while the mavens of the right would probably prefer four more years to four good books, they might want to rethink that.
Scrivener is an attempt to rethink what the writing process can be.
The need to rethink the scholarly reward system came up time and again at the meeting.
We need likewise to rethink our role in the education of our graduate students.
Companies may need to rethink their strategies as they gain access to these new sorts of workers.
Some argue that poor countries should therefore rethink how much they spend on higher education.
But the financial crisis has caused many people to rethink this comfortable arrangement.
But the recession has prompted companies to rethink their approach.
So science and economics demand a substantial rethink.
There has also been a rethink of how to supervise the whole cash-transport industry.
As the protests spread, the government said it would rethink its health plans.
Two trends in particular are forcing oilmen to rethink.
He has also confounded them with his attempts to rethink the loss-making airport system.
Renegade anthropologists rethink where humans came from.
Making the cut will demand a total rethink of computer design.
These revelations about the underpinnings of the disease have in turn led doctors to rethink the prevalence of the disorder.
We need to fundamentally rethink our whole relationship with the planet.
On a side note this subject sure is making me rethink my faith in humanity.
But you may want to rethink political posts, because you really come across as a dope.
If medical personnel are refusing to take this vaccine, maybe you should rethink your position.
If that intersection is empty, you might want to rethink this entire process.
But it did its work to educate, and hopefully, has made some people rethink what they thought they knew.
Challenge students once a month to rethink everything that goes in the garbage.
Rethink your plans, and figure out the next step to take.

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