retelling in a sentence

Example sentences for retelling

Food, drinks, and stories worth retelling will be served.
Instead, my story was largely a retelling of outsiders' discovery of the rootkit and how consumers reacted to the news.
It's a modern tale, not a retelling, but it manages to integrate the past of the characters seamlessly.
Ignorance and a lie that grew wings in the retelling.
It's more of a challenge, imagining and creating a world, rather than retelling one.
So he tells a story that is not entirely true, then changes his story in the retelling.
The stories of train campaigning will grow with each retelling.
He's made a career of writing colorful stories and a hobby of retelling them.
Not every review sounds sparkling but two that jump out, that bring some wit to the retelling of the holiday story.
Retelling in verse of six well-known fairy tales featuring surprise endings in place of traditional happily-ever-after.
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