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Preserving and retaining water is crucial to keeping the entire ecosystem alive.
The lap pool is sheltered from the wind by a retaining wall and a hillside in the distance.
Clay soils absorb water slowly and drain slowly as well, retaining water longer than other soils.
Many of these original trees and shrubs still stand, retaining the regional flavor of the border.
Sprays of catmint spill over a stone retaining wall.
Of those twenty years, fifteen have been in the area of hardscapes, segmental retaining walls and interlocking pavers.
Each raised bed is framed with weathered basalt that matches the stone in adjacent retaining walls.
Berger kept the existing pressure-treated wood retaining walls but dressed them up with a fresh coat of paint.
Edged with concrete, the raised patio and its planter-retaining wall level the yard and make it more livable.
Parkville has a bright future still retaining the feel of an early river town with many of it's original buildings in use.
Stalemated wars often conclude with belligerents retaining what they possessed at the moment an armistice is reached.
When they are, there is a great ease in retaining them, especially when they have not been accustomed to live in freedom.
It appears to me that they have been having major trouble retaining administrators in the last two or three years.
Significant, ongoing one-on-one relationships are key both to a good education and to retaining students.
Retaining books with little or no use is appropriate for university and research libraries.
Still, all parts of the university have an interest in retaining and supporting faculty members.
It's an argument for attentive customer service from day one in dealing with and retaining new students.
Retaining faculty status can have a number of benefits.
Experiments have found that touch is as important as vision for learning and retaining information.
Shielded by their thicker, moisture-retaining skins, they moved in where amphibians had previously held sway.
The presenters were successful at retaining the audience's attention and keeping everyone engaged.
Intact wooden ties, or crossbeams, are often incorporated into retaining walls and other landscaping features.
She is proud of her city's commitment to historic preservation while retaining a hip, modern vibe.
In fact, the technical name for this structural wonder is actually concrete arch-gravity retaining wall.
The last thirty years of development brought small resorts, hotels and restaurants while retaining its natural beauty.
Flagships cruises are done on paired hotel boats retaining the traditional decoration while offering modern comforts.
Conway's car splinters as it hits the retaining fence in the short chute before the fourth turn.
They aren't retaining any talented individuals, and it shows.
It should repay taxpayers by selling new shares or retaining profits.
Whether exchanges forge alliances or go it alone, the challenges of attracting and retaining liquidity will prove formidable.
Ideally enough to absorb another meltdown while still retaining a decent buffer.
Multinationals can generally defer paying tax to their home governments by retaining profit earned abroad in their foreign units.
Both have moved away from buying, packaging and selling mortgages towards retaining them instead.
And private-equity groups have also been successful at retaining important staff by offering them potentially lucrative stakes.
As people get wealthier, the task of managing and retaining their riches gets increasingly complex.
The bad four countries had a deliberate policy of retaining open access, in order that elephants be removed.
In any case, before you can think of retaining the best employees, you have to get them in the door.
Businesses of all kinds complain about the difficulty of finding and retaining qualified staff.
Operators would thus share costs while retaining the ability to differentiate themselves through exclusive content deals.
He later proposed further tax breaks for businesses linked to a broad range of incentives, including retaining workers.
At present, companies show little imagination about hiring or retaining older people.
At the same time the economic climate has raised doubts over the wisdom of retaining such grandiose military ambitions.
On balance, the benefits of retaining some inflation are probably overstated.
Finding and retaining good people has become an ever more important factor.
Establishing and retaining intellectual leadership clearly takes strong management skills.
The current arrangement discourages employers from hiring or retaining older workers.
Either way, try to get it crunchy on the outside while retaining some softness in the center.
But it is also best delivered the same way it was discovered, retaining a comparable vividness and play of the emotions.
His efforts probably included retaining some munitions, but mainly concerned production and research elements.
As machines increase in both size and speed, retaining precision remains a challenge.
Even as they come in contact, fluids will remain discrete, retaining their respective molecules.
You're retaining what you focus on, so it's a good time for study.
As cardiac output falls, the kidneys try to make up for the reduced blood flow by retaining fluid, thus boosting blood pressure.
The milder plants, with their relatively sparser stomata, are better at retaining water.
Hiring and retaining talented principals has become increasingly difficult for many school districts.
Most research shows that retaining students in the same grade rarely lifts their achievement.
Building loyalty doesn't mean that a company is committed to retaining people for life or that workers are compelled to stay.
The concern for policymakers is retaining teachers, who are leaving the profession in droves.
They allowed developers to build housing projects in flood plains and failed to shore up retaining walls and dykes.
The processes outlined below apply to the construction of a retaining wall.
Information regarding retaining walls when designing a bridge.

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