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It was no longer possible for the governing faction to retain their hold on power without regular resort to violence.
Enclose the container in a plastic bag to retain humidity.
Adding a few inches of mulch will help retain moisture.
If placed too closely, mulch can retain moisture and cause plants and trees to rot.
Enjoy your wreath while the herbs retain their savor and color.
Overnight in refrigerator, to protect flavor and retain juices.
We're losing our ability to read a book, retain information, follow a line of argument and make critical judgments.
When manufactured, raw polystyrene is heated, rolled out into thin sheets and then rapidly cooled so that it can retain its shape.
Thus, people who own land along the ditches still retain rights to their water until they sell those rights.
Today, it's clear that feathers perform many functions: they help birds retain body heat, repel water and attract a mate.
To achieve and retain organic labels, farms have to invest significant capital into modern, energy-efficient equipment.
The salts retain heat for up to six hours, meaning that it can be released after the sun goes down.
But the exhibition emphasizes how horses retain cultural significance in the communities.
Airlines, hotels and rental car agencies have offered loyalty programs for decades as a way to retain and attract customers.
Rumours are rife of a lingering conspiracy to retain power in the hands of the old elite, despite promises of democracy.
These require only gradual change and pretty much retain the status quo.
Even so, he failed to retain the two-thirds majority he had said was vital for his regime's future.
To retain investors, hedge funds have had to shed their cloak of secrecy.
The government will retain a stake of more than one-third, giving it veto power.
Some livers, when cooked, retain their fat and thus their rich flavour.
But it will retain the tradition of strong autonomy for local managers.
In both cases the buyers paid hefty salaries to retain or attract key staff.
Some elderly males do become completely white, though many retain small flecks of dusky plumage.
Gorillas and chimps retain the knuckle-walk technique to this day.
They retain their body moisture efficiently, but they do not function without water.
The goal is for them to retain their youthful vitality, rather than add extra years of decline.
The industry, he says, allows owners to retain some value.
Other species, which use the venom as a defense, retain potent stinging power and are responsible for human deaths each year.
When using your oven, leave the door closed as much as possible to retain heat.
It is essential to retain a sharp focus on the task at hand, and on the many dangers involved.
Even at subzero temperatures, polar bears retain virtually all their body heat.
Green roofs moderate excessive outdoor heat in the summer and help retain heat inside the building during the winter.
Cover your worm bin with a tarp or plastic sheeting to retain moisture and keep out light.
It's highly unlikely that such a world would retain an atmosphere, since the searing hot gases would rapidly escape into space.
If no shady spot is available, add a layer of straw to the top of the pile to retain moisture.
Because many eco-friendly clothing items use natural dyes, this can help retain color and protect other clothing.
In drier areas, they are found around wet or damp areas that retain moisture.
While this slow growth is not explosive, some lava domes retain gases that can build up enough pressure to trigger an explosion.
Frozen foods retain much of their nutritional content, in addition to cutting energy costs in transportation.
Let thine heart retain my words: keep my commandments, and live.
And retain ss when the word has more than one syllable: needless.
It serves to retain the lower part of the lung in position.
The morels will have cooked down enough to be tender, but they'll still retain their plump, springy texture.
The beauty of using a wok for frying is that it conducts heat well but doesn't retain it.
His barrel-shaped body and short limbs help him retain heat.
Most importantly though, they retain the lush sound signature, superb dynamics and great looks of their predecessor.
The cables resist stretching to retain lateral stiffness and conserve forward momentum.
Artists retain rights to their material and can sell it offline.
But he did not seem to be able to retain any impression of anything for more than a blink.
She covered the plastic with her palm, to retain the glue's power.
There was a long line of standees wearing small numbered tags so they could step in and out of line and retain their places.
Twitter users may retain certain rights, though it's unclear as to how generally applicable this case will be.
Minds of minimally conscious patients appear to retain the ability to process language.
Humans retain an edge over computers when complex problems require intuition and leaps of insight rather than brute calculation.
When the hypothalamus detects them, it tells the body to generate and retain more heat, thus producing a fever.
But they don't retain heat in winter, so furnaces work harder.
Living creatures have memory, and retain and record experiences as they occur, but that does not mean time exists.
As a result, food workers were more likely to read the reports, discuss them and retain their lessons.
Worm castings can't stabilize a forest floor microclimate and retain moisture the way a robust leaf-litter bed can.
The professors are mainly there to do research but they must teach in order to retain their position.
We, as humans telling stories, need to retain elements of fantasy and imagination.
The data also retain demographic information such as salary, marital status and household size.
Also flood large areas and retain the water, not let it drain back into the river after flood stage.
But the more serious threat comes from semiautonomous machines over which humans retain nothing more than last-ditch veto power.
Even one's close friends should be kept guessing-the plate should always retain something.
Though not a journalist, he'd once had journalistic aspirations and seemed to retain journalistic sensibilities.
But, yet, they still retain so much of the story from the first one.
Counter-adjustments have been made to retain the frisson of exclusivity.
Much of his empire would probably have to be dismantled, but he would retain control.
Even some of the committee's own investigators retain doubts.
For instance, protein-coding genes can undergo extensive changes and yet retain their critical functions.
For example yeast cells retain memory of their nutritional environment.
Because less filler is used, the composite can retain the polymer's stretchability or transparency.
If the silicon is made thinner than it is now, it may still retain its ability to convert the photons it absorbs into electricity.
Tubes with heated oil flow into the molten salts, raising the temperature even higher, and the salts retain the heat energy.
Both layers retain their desirable high electron-mobility properties.
Once inside, they would respond to the cells' internal pH and either retain or release their contents.
Especially when that something can help reward and retain the people best able to help you grow your business.
But other researchers retain a broader view of the possibilities for natural-language processing.
As the oceans warm the ability of water to retain oxygen will decrease until only anaerobic bacteria can survive.
Users can pop their cards into new phones, retain all their collected data, and begin charging calls to their own accounts.
So long as these elements retain their radioactivity, which can be for many decades, heat is generated.
And once a decision is made, always retain an element of doubt.
The restorer was not alone in lacking the special comprehension needed to retain cubist textural values inviolate.
To recognize situations where it is appropriate to encourage users to retain service.
Humans retain only a tiny fold in the inner corner of the eye.
By proportionally weakening synapses, the brain ensures that they retain the same strength relative to each other.
They typically lack sufficient gravity to retain an atmosphere.
For example, certain amphibians retain fishlike gills even when fully mature and past their water-inhabiting period.
These liquid salts can retain their heat for weeks in insulated tanks.
For example, northern hares and weasels develop white fur in the winter, but southern ones retain brown fur year-round.
Once you have people in the trial, it's often a challenge to retain them.
He drew from his past and registered the present, but his brain could not consolidate a new experience and retain it.
Gallium was added to help it retain a cubic crystalline state.
These results suggest that it is possible to be face-blind and yet still retain face space.
It may still retain the ability to infect other cells for a while, but mutations typically knock out that ability.
The heat source had to have a limited life span, to allow the moon's crust to rapidly become cold and retain its immature shape.
Unfortunately, isolated neighboring indigenous groups that retain traditional food taboos are increasingly rare.
Yet paradoxically, people who have suffered left hemisphere damage often retain the ability to sing.
The watchword is energy: how to obtain it, retain it, and conserve it.
Then one imagines cramming to gain some competence and popping a pill to retain it.
B-modes retain their special nature as manifest in the fact that they can possess a handedness that distinguishes left from right.
It would have to retain that as a design goal, of course.
These create images so detailed that even cropped portions retain clarity when enlarged.
In many towns the clinic or hospital will close, owing to a lack of patients and an inability to retain doctors.
Manufacturers pay a premium to attract and retain workers who are skilled and motivated to keep the machines running.
That's the sort of price increase that customers might grumble about, but will ultimate shrug off and will retain the service.
Tamara is less a character than an object of play, with each side fighting to retain possession.
He needs to retain the flexibility to keep fiscal policy loose for as long as necessary.
And companies eager to attract and retain talented workers and managers are responding.
The coolness of these operations would help them look cool and retain employees.
Households with lower incomes would retain all government benefits.
They will watch his spirit sink as he struggles to retain propriety.
If you fool yourself skillfully enough, you can banish thoughts of the disease but retain a liberating sense of urgency.
Miniskirts, peasant blouses and stonewashed denim may come and go, but cropped pants retain their appeal year after year.

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